ŠUD Biology PBL Project (Sponsored by UD/Pew Charitable Trusts) and
Duch, Allen, Groh, Mierson, Williams, and White
(Interdisciplinary PBL project sponsored by NSF-DUE)

Please use the following scale for items #1 - 25:

a = strongly agree; b = agree; c = neither agree nor disagree; d = disagree; e = strongly disagree

For #1 - 11, indicate the extent to which you agree that these course components were beneficial to your learning of biology [substitute your own course subject here].

  1. The use of problems.
  2. Working in groups.
  3. Completing assignments related to PBL problems.
  4. Communicating about biology with your group.
  5. Peers as teachers.
  6. Whole class discussions, question and answer sessions, or oral reports from groups.
  7. Lectures by the professor.
  8. The textbook.
  9. Using electronic resources, primarily the Internet, to find information.
  10. Library resources, other than electronic ones.
  11. Use of computers as an investigative tool in the laboratory.

For #12 - 18, indicate the extent to which you agree that this course has helped you to improve your skill in the following areas.

  1. Communicating literature and/or laboratory research results.
  2. Participating in discussions.
  3. Writing about biology.
  4. Working productively with a team.
  5. Finding relevant information.
  6. Analyzing and synthesizing information.
  7. Use of computers for information retrieval and data analysis.

For #19 - 25, indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements [substitute content objectives from your own discipline here].

I understand

  1. The roles of reflexes in regulating body functions
  2. How organisms compensate for low water and oxygen availability conditions
  3. The basic parts of the nervous system and their general roles
  4. How information travels in the nervous system
  5. How plants use light to time flowering and other processes to optimal conditions
  6. The basics of good experimental design
  7. The roles of chemical messengers in regulating body functions

Please use the following scale for items 26 - 28: a = excellent --> e = very poor.

  1. Overall, how would you rate your professor?
  2. Overall, how would you rate this course?
  3. Overall, how would you rate your peer tutor?

Please answer the questions on the back. Thanks for your help in evaluating this course!

  1. Please indicate how many PBL courses you have taken prior to this one. ____________

  2. What problem (used this semester in this course) did you like most? Why?

  3. What aspects of the course contributed most to your learning, and why?

  4. Do you feel more comfortable now with the problem-based learning format (PBL) than at the start of the semester? Would you take another PBL course? Why or why not?

  5. In what ways do you think your group worked well?

  6. What changes in the way your group worked could have improved your learning?

  7. What special issues, concerns, or questions would you want addressed in the planning of this course for the future?