The following Course Ratings document can be downloaded and modified to use as your end-of-course rating form. The form contains items related to groups, problems, and peer tutors, as well as items related to course content. Many of these items were developed and used in an NSF sponsored project, "Problem-based Learning in Introductory Science Across Disciplines".

For items 1-22, use the following scale:
A - strongly agree --> E - strongly disagree

I have a good understanding of the basic principles of:

  1. - 5. Insert your own course content objectives.


  1. The course helped me learn how to obtain information from a variety of sources.

  2. I feel that I can apply the general principles I learned to other (your discipline) problems.

  3. I am comfortable working in groups.

  4. I feel comfortable asking for help from others in my group.

  5. I feel that my group members listen to me when I present information.

  6. I feel that my group members show respect for me and my learning style.

  7. I feel comfortable sharing information with others.

  8. As a result of this class, my ability to find, read and analyze information has improved.

  9. Evaluating the individual efforts of myself and my group members helped our group function well.

  10. I benefit from the whole class wrap-up sessions after each problem.

  11. I think that the grading scheme in this class fairly reflects the objectives of the course.


Questions 17 - 22 refer to peer tutors.

My peer tutor:

  1. Helps me develop my reasoning process by posing questions, and challenging and critiquing information presented.

  2. Guides and intervenes when necessary to keep group on track.

  3. Promotes integration and synthesis of information.

  4. Encourages the use of a variety of resources.

  5. Listens and responds well to student concerns and problems.

  6. Uses good judgement to provide information when necessary, but knows when to deflect some questions back to the group.


  7. Compared to other courses in my major, I learned :
        A - Much more than usual --> E - much less than usual

  8. On the whole, the amount of effort required in the course was:
        A - greater than usual --> E - less than usual

  9. Overall, I would rate this course:
    A - excellent --> E - very poor

  10. Overall, I would rate this instructor:
    A - excellent --> E - very poor

  11. Overall I would rate my peer tutor:
    A - excellent --> E - very poor

  12. If given an opportunity, I would like to take another class structured like this.
    A - definitely yes --> E - definitely no


Some possible free response questions that you might ask are listed below.

  1. What aspects of this course contributed most to your learning?

  2. What aspects of this course should be changed to make the course better for you?

  3. Which problem did you like most and why?

  4. Which problem did you like least and why?

  5. How many hours per week would you estimate that you spent on this course outside of class?

  6. Do you think you benefited from the process of researching and discussing the problems? Why or why not?

  7. Have the skills learned in this class made a difference in your other academic or social situations? If so, please give examples.

  8. What special issues, concerns or questions do I need to know about in order to plan this course in the future?