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Problem-Based Learning at the University of Delaware

Please feel free to contact Barb Duch, Deb Allen, or Hal White with general questions regarding PBL.

Spring 2002: Tutorial Methods of Instruction, Hal White and Deb Allen [Fall 2000]
Groups in Action: Video Vignettes for Triggering Discussions on Bringing out the Best in Groups

Evaluation Forms for PBL

Sample syllabi and problems:

Deborah Allen, deallen@udel.edu
BISC 207/208 Introductory Biology (Honors)
Syllabus (Spring'00), Sample problem
Linda Dion, ldionn@udel.edu
BISC 207/208 Introductory Biology
207 Syllabus (Fall'01),
208 Syllabus (Spring'00)
Hal White, halwhite@udel.edu
CHEM 342 Intro. to Biochemistry
Syllabus (Spring '02); Sample problem, Sample exam
CHEM 643 Intermediary Metabolism
Syllabus (Fall '01); Sample problem
CHEM 647 Biochemical Evolution
Syllabus (Fall '02); Sample problem
Sue Groh, sgroh@udel.edu
CHEM 103 General Chemistry (Honors)
Syllabus (Fall'02), Sample problem
CHEM 104 General Chemistry (Honors)
Syllabus (Spring'02), Sample problem
Nutrition and Dietetics
Elizabeth Lieux, lieux@udel.edu
NTDT 321 Quantity Food Production and Service
Syllabus (Fall'02)
Barbara Duch, bduch@udel.edu
Barbara Williams, baw@udel.edu
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics I (Honors)
Sample problem 1, Sample problem 2; Sample exam 1, Sample exam 2
PHYS 202 Introductory Physics I (Honors)
Syllabus, Sample exam
Barbara Duch, bduch@udel.edu
SCEN 102 Physical Science - The Way the World Works
Syllabus (Spring'01)

George Watson, ghw@udel.edu
SCEN 103 Science Concepts Behind High Technology

More sample problems...

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