Introduction to Problem-Based Learning

workshop for the annual meeting of the
Animal Science Education Consortium,
December 16-17, 2002,
hosted by William Saylor,
Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences,
University of Delaware
Single Comb White Leghorn
courtesy of Alberta Agriculture
Food and Rural Development
  facilitated by George Watson and Hal White
Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education
Agenda for the Meeting   Power Point Presentations:
(pdf)   Experience It Yourself: Introduction to PBL
    Managing Groups in a PBL Environment
PBL Problem:   The First Week of Class: Introducing Students to PBL
Chickens You Can't Count On   Characteristics of Good PBL Problems
(pdf)   Faculty Development and Trends in PBL at UD
Web Resources:   Sample PBL Courses:
PBL at UD   (George Watson)
PBL Clearinghouse   Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
    (Hal White)
    Introduction to Biochemistry
    Intermediary Metabolism
    Biochemical Evolution
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