Contributions made by members of the University of Delaware to PBL2008, Colima, México:
  Monday, January 28
3-hour [invited] preconference workshop presented by Mark Serva (Accounting and MIS) and George Watson (Arts & Sciences), with Deborah Allen (Biological Sciences)
  The Group from Hell: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts in PBL Groups
    Case studies: English (1, 2, 3), Spanish (1, 2, 3); Presentation (ppt, pdf)
  Wednesday, January 30
Welcome remarks at conference inauguration by George Watson on behalf of the Pan-American Network for PBL
  Plenary panel session [invited] by David Chapman (Samford University), George Watson (University of Delaware), and Peter Bouhuijs (Maastricht University)
  The Importance of Professional Development and Training in PBL
  2.5-hour workshop presented by Mark Serva (Accounting and MIS)
  Strategies for Improving Student Collaboration in the PBL Classroom (ppt, pdf)
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  Problem-Based Learning at UD
  Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education
PBL Clearinghouse
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