Contributions made by members of the University of Delaware to PBL2006, Lima, Perú:
  Tuesday, July 18, Two four-hour pre-conference workshops [invited] facilitated by Deborah Allen (Biological Sciences), Richard Donham (Math and Science Education Resource Center), and George Watson (Arts & Sciences):
  Elaboration and Development of Problems and Scenarios in PBL Courses
  Part 1: Introduction to PBL: Experience It Yourself (case study, PowerPoint file)
  Part 2: Designing Effective PBL Problems and Materials (PowerPoint file, worksheet, rubric, teaching notes [blank, sample])
  Wednesday, July 19, plenary panel session [invited] contribution by George Watson (Arts & Sciences)
  PBL in Diverse Disciplines and Careers
  Wednesday, July 19, presentation by Carolyn Manning (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  Assessing Peer Performance in PBL Groups: How Technology Can Help
  (PowerPoint file)
  Wednesday, July 19, presentation by Richard Donham (Math and Science Education Resource Center)
  coauthor: Steven Fifield (UD Education Research & Development Center)
  Rewards and Challenges of University Faculty Collaboration in Interdisciplinary PBL for Future K-8 Teachers
  (PowerPoint file)
  Thursday, July 20, 90-min workshop by Deborah Allen (Biological Sciences) and George Watson (Arts & Sciences)
  The Group from Hell: Strategies for Resolving Conflicts in PBL Groups
  (case study, PowerPoint file)
  Friday, July 21, 90-min workshop by Stephen Bernhardt (English)
  Using PBL to Improve Student Writing and Speaking Skills
  (PowerPoint file)
  Friday, July 21, presentation by María Teresa Moreno (graduate student, Education):
  Problems of Teaching in Problem-Based Learning
  (PowerPoint file)
  Friday, July 21, presentation by Linda Dion (Biological Sciences):
  Use of Group Learning through Case Studies in an Introductory Science Course
  (supporting material)
  Friday, July 21, presentation by Mark Serva (MIS and Accounting):
  Examining New Technology Options for the PBL Classroom
  (PowerPoint file)
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  Institute for Transforming Undergraduate Education
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