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Welcome to UDTime

UDTime is an online system that will help each University of Delaware employees accurately capture and calculate earned time off and, for those who already clock in, time at work.

UDTime provides employees with a centralized, consistent and fair means to check leave balances from anywhere in the world.

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Payroll Tips

  • Overpayment? Do not use the amended request form for overpayments. Instead, notify us via email.
  • When Payroll starts a pay process, either BW or SM, employee time sheets are locked, and until we finish the pay process and advance into the next pay cycle employees are unable to complete Leave Request forms.

Timekeeper Role

Please check the Supervisor Table to confirm the Timekeeper Role(s) is populated for your area(s). A blank value will prevent the Timekeeper from having access to employees with the assigned Supervisor Code. If an update is needed, please complete the HR Supervisor Update webform.

If you are experiencing an issue not listed above, please email with a detailed description of the problem. If possible, include any error messages received and/or screenshots.