Payroll Tax Forms
Form W-2 [Expand]

W-2 is a tax document issued at the beginning of each calendar year. The W-2 documents the salary paid, FICA and FICA med taxes paid, Federal taxes paid and State (either Delaware or Delaware and Maryland) taxes paid in the previous calendar year. For example the W-2 received in January 2016 will be for earnings from 2015.

To request a reprint of a W-2, please complete the W-2 Reprint Request Form.

If you believe you should have received a W-2 but did not or if the information in your W-2 is not correct, please contact payroll by email ( or call (302)-831-8677. Please note that the deadline for the university to mail W-2 forms for each tax year is January 31st.

Form W-4 [Expand]

This electronic document is completed when an employee is hired and is completed again once the permanent social security number has been issued. The W-4 is a form used by employers to withhold and remit part of your earnings to the IRS. The more allowances claimed reduces the amount of income taxed in your paycheck.

2019 Personal Allowance Worksheet

Note: A non-resident alien student in the United States fewer than 5 years is required to complete the W-4 as single with either 0 (zero) or 1 (one) exemptions regardless of your actual marital status.

Form 1042S [Expand]

Document issued at the beginning of each calendar year. The 1042s documents any income paid under a tax treaty in the previous year. An employee may receive both a W-2 and a 1042s.

1042 Instructions

Tax Treaty (8233) [Expand]

A tax treaty is an agreement between the United States and a particular country which reduces or waives taxes for a certain period of time or a certain dollar amount. The money earned under a tax treaty is reported on the 1042s form. The treaty is automatically offered to any employee who qualifies for it. It does not need to be requested. The university also reserves the right to not offer a treaty. All employees new hire documents are individually reviewed to insure accurate tax withholdings and to see if a tax treaty is applicable. If a treaty is applicable it is automatically offered and sent to the department in which the person is employed.

Form 1095 [Expand]

If you were eligible for health benefits in 2018, the University will provide you with a tax document, form 1095C. Form 1095 reports information about your health care coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act. The University will mail Form 1095 to your current address on file no later than March 4, 2019.

If you need to request a reprint or correct your Form 1095, please contact Payroll at

Form 1095 FAQ