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Salaried Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Minutes: August 15, 2012
Location: Morris Library, Class of 1941 Lecture Room

SSAC Members Present:

Name District
Marge Hadden 1
Kathy Murphy 2
Staci Truitt 3
Kimberly Doucette 9
Theresa Henderson 11
Carol Brower 12
Lisa Colins 13

Members Excused: Laura Gleason, Derrick Allen, Susan Zarebicki, Linda Mintz, Cathy Corsi, Ladonna Miller

Others Present: Tom LaPenta (Asst. Vice President, Labor Relations), Jerry Cutler (Director, Human Resources), Meg Grotti (Sr. Assistant Librarian), Sandra Millard (Assoc. Director, Library Public Services)

Welcome/Opening Remarks
Tom LaPenta introduced Jerry Cutler, Meg Grotti and Sandra Millard and he stated that there would be a tour of the Library and time will be short for the actual SSAC meeting.

June 13, 2012 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business
Tom will check into the House Keys for Employees Program for the next meeting, and at the next meeting we will discuss changing the name of SSAC.

New Business
Jerry mentioned the performance appraisal process going full year; he talked with the tech people who said it would require some programming that they probably couldn't do, but they could instead open it up quarterly so people can update their performance during the course of the year to give employees and supervisors the opportunity to put things in and share.

Tom brought up discussion about the vision plan, and opened the floor to discussion. One member felt that it was not as good a plan as the last one; they paid more out of pocket for their glasses than they had with the old plan.

Jerry asked if there were any issues with the compensation plan; stated that the website was updated recently to provide more information. There was discussion about internal equities, and Jerry said that HR had looked at that, and sometimes get involved with individual assessments, especially in the instance where someone promotes to a higher pay level and then can't do the job and voluntarily demotes to their original level.

Marge asked if the powers that be thought over what they are going to do with the people who are above the maximum next year if there is going to be any type of increase? Jerry stated "No," there has been discussion but no decision or discussion about what is going to happen. He did says that, if a decision is made, anyone impacted will be given at least one year notice before it happens.

Marge also asked if Jerry felt it is possible to put out on the website training opportunities to help people to make it to the next level of classification, so that people can move laterally along that compensation line. Jerry stated that there is a career opportunity that offers a degree and it's clear that they need to get that. With Administrative Assistant positions, they are not really job descriptions they are generic classifications. The specific job duties are determined by the hiring unit.

Jerry also stated that it is an administrative decision to provide training direction for their staff by using gap assessments to see what their staff need and to help them along to get where they need to be.

Kim asked that, regarding performance appraisals, since it won't be possible to open it up quarterly online, should their quarterly reviews be attached to their current reviews and sent on to HR? Jerry stated that the quarterlies are important in helping the employee and employer to meet expectations for the position, and that performance issues should never be a surprise. One-on-one is necessary for a good process, and whether the quarterly is put in writing should be depending on the situation. Tom stated that, if you are getting a generally unsatisfactory review it should be in writing, and Jerry agreed that it is a supervisors' obligation to let the employee know they are not meeting that expectation, and help them to meet that.

Marge said she still hears complaints from people about their new classification—how is HR dealing with those people? Are they moving along, do you find that people are generally walking away with a positive attitude? Jerry stated there is not a large context of people involved, and most that they have met with have walked away with a positive attitude. They are still meeting and getting things through as quickly as they can, and it's a process, and they are making progress. In a relatively short period of time they will have addressed everyone. Jerry feels that the current system provides consistency across campus now, and is a good system.

A new SSAC member list was circulated for information to all members.

The odd numbered districts will have elections beginning in April 2013, for the next term.

Constituent Concerns
Constituent concerns all centered around parking. People complaining about the increase in permit costs and permit restrictions. Increased the cost in placing cones in front of Townsend Hall for the 4-H students. The 4-H students have their own cones, why can't they put their own cones out. Pearson Hall complaints about parking. Rich (from Parking) will be asked to attend one of our next meetings. All special events will be charged per space. This is new, and departments are upset about this. Also, there is a rumor about UD putting time and attendance system out for all employees. Tom stated that right now it is only in place for hourly employees. In general, the idea is that many companies do it for nonexempt employees because companies are required by Federal law to keep our time.

Morris Library Presentation and Tour

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marge Hadden

Reviewed by:
Cathy Corsi

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