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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes June 9, 2010

Please submit agenda items for the August 11, 2010 meeting to Susie Resler by August 4, 2010.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:





Michael DiMauro


Cheryl Cunningham


Kimberly Doucette


James Elfers


Mary Ann Brown


Susan Zarebicki


Blaze Dougherty


Margrit Hadden


Lynn Brock


Catherine Corsi


Lee McCormick for John Gleasner








Members Excused:  Dionne Putney, Diane Thisell
Others Present: Patty Fogg, Jean Neff, Thomas LaPenta, Tracy Clark, Susie Resler

Meeting called to order 2:30pm

The April 14, 2010 minutes, were approved as written.

Old business

  • A question was raised as to whether UD’s policy of office coverage was 8am-5pm. Some offices must stay open 8am-5pm.  Tom indicated those hours represented normal business hours.
  • The Executive Vice President and Treasurer, has been having weekly lunches with the Professional Staff.  One representative asked if he would be doing that with Salaried Staff.

New Business
Patty Fogg and a group of SSAC representatives have been meeting every other week through the summer to discuss Career Development Initiatives. If you have any ideas for topics to be discussed, please contact Patty Fogg at

Tom LaPenta introduced Dr. Jean Neff, Coordinator of the IT-Client Support Services, who came to speak to the members about the LearnIT@UD program.  Please refer to the UDaily May 26, 2010 article ‘LearnIT@UD’ at for further information.

Constituent Concerns

  • One constituent mentioned that it would be nice if we had a table and or bench outside of Brown Lab in the area behind the arches. It could be a nice place to sit outside in nice weather to eat lunch.
  • A complaint was made by a recently retired employee that she had numerous problems with her BCBS coverage upon retirement. After many attempts at contacting UD’s benefit office, BCBS and Delaware’s pension office, she was issued new cards.

  • Some constituents have complained about the service awards and how they are distributed. Michel Jones, coordinator of Service Awards, indicated that the awards are now being outsourced to MTM. The vast majority of employees have been very pleased with their awards.
  • Additional security around the library especially in the winter mornings when it is dark was recommended. Joel Ivory, Associate Director, Public Safety suggested these safety tips:

While we have two incidents reported of robberies or attempted robberies in the vicinity of the library in the past year, the early morning hours are the safest times of the day statistically. Many employees express a fear of being accosted while walking from their car to their workplace building. While these incidents are extremely rare on the campus I cannot say that they would never happen.  A street robbery is much more likely to occur to someone from 10:00pm to 3:00am.  These hours are much more conducive to the typical perpetrators who tend not to be early risers and are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the late evening hours. Many employees will walk to their vehicle after work with a fellow employee, which is a good crime prevention strategy but not always feasible on the way to work.  

Here are some possible suggestions to lessen the odds of becoming a crime victim while walking on the campus.

1.       Be aware of your surroundings and other persons in your vicinity.  If you see a person who makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts.  Walk in another direction or avoid passing near that person.  

2.      Do not be talking on your cell phone or have your IPOD earbuds in your ears while walking. Doing so advertises your lack of awareness to others and makes you much more likely to get hit by a car while crossing the street.  Walk with a purpose and look confident.

3.      Walk with others whenever possible and use well-lit and well-traveled routes.

4.      If you are unable to park close to your workplace, which is the case for many employees, consider a remote parking lot and take the UD Transit bus which can usually drop you off closer to your job site than your parking lot.  

5.      Public Safety will provide a safety escort, most likely walking, during the hours of darkness or anytime if a person has a particular concern for their safety.  Call 831-2222 for this service.  

Committee Reports/Matters

2010 Awards Dinner was held on June 2nd at Clayton Hall where employees were recognized for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service along with 91 retirees.

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Susie Resler


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