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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes February 9, 2011

Please submit agenda items for the April 13, 2011 meeting to Judy Allarey by March 31, 2011.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.
SSAC members present were:







Margrit Hadden



Ladonna Miller



Dianne Thisell



Kimberly Doucette



Nancy Proctor



Catherine Corsi



Michael DiMauro Sr



Carol Brower



Linda Nimtz












Member Excused:  Lisa Collins, Staci Truitt, Theresa Henderson, Susan Zarebicki

Others Present: Thomas LaPenta, Jerry Cutler, Judy Allarey

Meeting called to order at 2:30 pm


The December 8, 2010 minutes, were approved as written.

Tom LaPenta announced that Jerry Cutler, is the new Director of Human Resources.

Mr. Cutler, who is also an attorney, gave a brief summary of his background. He added that he finds the UD community extremely welcoming, the benefits are great and he is enjoying the general atmosphere.

New Business:

The Office of Employee Relations received four nominations for the Grievance Procedure Advisory Committee. All four nominated candidates were accepted as members of the committee. Because it was determined that the committee was still one member short, Catherine Corsi volunteered to be on the Committee. The new members of the committee are:
Tammy Jackson-Harmon, Luci Coumatos, Susan Phipps, Kimberly Doucette and Catherine Corsi. Previous members of the GPAC will move up to the Grievance Hearing Board. A breakfast meeting to be attended by all GPAC members will be arranged to discuss procedures and guidelines.

Catherine Corsi, SSAC representative for the Transportation and Parking Committee, reported the committee had an initial meeting and is scheduled to meet on February 16. All constituent concerns on Parking and Transportation will be sent to Ms. Corsi.

Tom LaPenta gave the following updates:

  • Employee Education and Training – the UD Administration is investing more in training, education and development of employees, utilizing the expertise of UD Faculty as well as Professional and Continuing Studies.
  • Classification/Compensation continues to work towards developing a more robust compensation program for employees, focusing on compensation strategy, salary structure, pay guidelines, and benchmarking standards. The University of Delaware Compensation Program will be designed to enable the University to attract, retain, and engage the highly qualified talent required to achieve its mission and vision. Maureen Querey will be invited to attend a meeting in the summer to give an update on the classification review.
  • The University is now performing criminal background checks on all employees effective January1, 2011. Marge Hadden inquired if contractors are subject to criminal background check and drug testing policies. Mr. LaPenta stated that ARAMARK employees participate in the Criminal Background Check. Generally, this is applicable to those receiving paychecks from the University. Drug test is only required for positions who hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL).
  • Recruitment is collaborating with Human Resources Information Technology (HRIT) and Central IT to implement Candidate Gateway and Resume Mirror.  Directly linked to the Path to Prominence’s vision of being a “Green University,” this upgrade will allow applicants to apply and submit their resumes online.  As a result of these upgrades the recruitment process will become more streamlined and environmentally conscious.  Implementation of this project is expected Fall 2011.
  • Benefits is planning a series of seminars tentatively scheduled for March 7 – 10.  The sessions will include presentations on investment basics, saving and planning for retirement, Section 529 Education Savings Plans and other benefit offerings. These will be presented by Fidelity Investments, TIAA-CREF, Office of Pensions, and the UD Benefits staff.
  • Wellness - The HealthyU Employee Wellness Program continues to offer comprehensive wellness campaigns and are presently offering programs focused on physical activity and healthier eating.   “Well on Your Weigh” kicked off on January 24 with 222 employees registered.  The staff continues to plan for UD’s annual spring walking program, which is scheduled to begin in late March. 

The wellness staff has been busy working with specific departments on campus to develop programs that target potential areas of risk related to the health and well-being of our employees.  The “Bus Driver Back Program” is an example of this type of initiative.  This program was developed to address some of the risk factors associated with driving and sitting for long periods of time.  The Wellness team will begin similar work in the facilities area over the next several weeks. 

  • The Benefits/Wellness Fair is scheduled for:  May 17 in Trabant Multipurpose Rooms and the Second Floor of TUC.  Benefits & Employee Wellness are planning for the 2011 event to include screenings, publications, food and communications. 
  • President Harker will attend the SSAC Meeting on May 31st at 2 pm. The meeting will be located at 105 Hullihen Hall.

Constituent Concerns:

A constituent concern presented by Mike diMauro stated that UDaily posted an announcement after the snowstorm advising employees to be careful because several employees slipped on black ice. The constituent questioned why the University didn’t close or opened late when the lots are cleared. Mr. LaPenta responded that the policy states that: The University does not expect employees to take unnecessary risks to report to or remain at work. In cases where an employee decides, due to personal circumstances, that it is best not to report or to leave early because of adverse weather conditions and where the University has not issued a closing, late opening or early dismissal, the employee is expected to take annual leave or leave without pay, whichever is appropriate (

Constituent is asking whether it is possible to receive early notifications of a delay or closing sent through the UD Alert System, to campus email address, cell phone or home phone instead of office phones. This concern will be shared with Public Safety.

Marge Hadden mentioned that curbs at the lot at Laird are broken after the storm because plows cannot see the curbs under the snow. Ms. Hadden suggested that Grounds Services could place guide poles to show the plows where the curbs are.

Constituent stated that there are rumors of early retirement by the State Pension Office. Mr. Cutler responded that it is always a possibility, although a remote one, and added that 1991 was the last time the state offered the early retirement.

Constituent inquired about the UDaily article addressing the economic issue with 3% budget cut across administrative and academic units.  Mr. LaPenta stated that, in general, the UD employment situation is good and that the University continued to hire people through the recession. UD has not experienced large scale layoffs.

Constituent is concerned that the plows are still in the lot trying to clear the snow at Amstel Avenue parking lot the day after the storm, when employees are trying to park to go to work. Constituent is asking if there are emergency personnel in charge of this. This constituent concern will be shared with Grounds Services.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Allarey

Reviewed by: Margrit Hadden

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