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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes - December 8, 2010

Please submit agenda items for the February 9, 2011 meeting to Judy Allarey by January 31, 2011.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:





Margrit Hadden


Linda Nimtz


Dianne Thisell


Ladonna Miller


Staci Truitt


Kimberly Doucette


Nancy Proctor


Catherine Corsi


Michael DiMauro Sr


Carol Brower


Susan Zarebicki


Member Excused: Lisa Collins, Theresa Henderson

Others Present: Sharon Eiband, Theresa Doggett, Maureen Querey, Patti Fogg, Thomas LaPenta, Judy Allarey

Tom LaPenta welcomed the members and stated that the SSAC charge is online. In addition, the following will occur for future meetings:

  • Will arrange for speakers to discuss topics of interest.
  • Email distribution list will be sent to each SSAC member.
  • Meeting minutes will be posted within two weeks of the meeting.
  • The representatives introduced themselves.

    The October 13, 2010 minutes, were approved as written.

    Sharon Eiband, Recruitment and Employment Specialist, talked about recruitment at UD:

  • Some openings are only internal. There is usually a very large applicant pool, and HR is advertising jobs for less time than previously.
  • Kim Doucette stated that it takes forever to get the letter saying that you are not accepted for the position. Sharon explained that recruitment process is lengthy and takes about three months, and that the process is the same for external applicants.
  • Sharon suggests that everyone keep their resumes updated and make sure that the resume reflects the key requirements of the job for which one is applying. Sharon can give pointers on how to write resumes.
  • Marge Hadden inquired whether time as miscellaneous wage counts toward pension time. Tom LaPenta responded that the State of Delaware does not count time as miscellaneous wage towards pension.
  • Tom LaPenta stated that the Recruitment office has done a great job assisting people whose jobs were eliminated Sharon Eiband added that they only assist in finding people jobs, and that people placed themselves in those jobs. She also stated that there has been more success with salaried staff than professional.
  • Maureen Querey, Manager of Classification and Compensation, discussed the compensation review:

  • Maureen explained that information sessions were held to give employees the opportunity to have an overview of the compensation review process and to open the floor for dialogue for questions and feedback. The goal of the review is to develop a compensation program that will enable the University to attract, retain and engage highly qualified talent, which is essential to achieving the goals in the Path to Prominence.
  • The analysis will define a compensation program, review the salary structure to maintain competitive and internal equitable salary ranges, establish comprehensive pay guidelines and benchmarking standards.
  • Classification and compensation has been working on the review since February 2009, they have been talking to people to make sure that everything is transparent and compliant. Anticipated implementation of the program is summer of 2012.
  • Kimberly Doucette commented that the last compensation review was in 1988, and most positions were classified as they should be. Many employees had high hopes when this happened, regarding financial gain, but change wasn’t noticeable.
  • Marge Hadden asked if adjustments will be made. Maureen said that it is doubtful that employees will have salaries reduced as a result of the review.
  • Theresa Doggett, Benefits Coordinator, discussed changes in benefits:

  • The administrator for the health care FSA is changing to ASI Flex beginning January 1, 2011. There is a black-out period from January 1-15, employees will not be able to use the card during this period. Any charges incurred during these dates will be reimbursed with receipts.
  • Because of changes in Health Care Reform, prescriptions will be required for over-the-counter medications to be covered under FSA beginning January 2011.
  • Constituent Concerns:

  • Marge Hadden inquired whether UD is still doing the Bright Ideas program. Tom LaPenta replied that it is no longer in existence. Marge requested that SSAC member approve the minutes as submitted, prior to them being posted. Ms. Hadden will assume this responsibility.
  • Mike DiMauro brought up the Merit Award program. Tom LaPenta indicated that the program was discontinued many years ago.
  • Many employees are concerned about UD shuttles not running during times when classes are not in session yet they must get to work. Those who are trying to follow the President’s green initiatives by purchasing blue permits and riding the shuttle to main campus feel that they are being penalized. When buses are not running, employees can use gold lots, but gold lots are far from Central campus and they are mostly filled with current gold permit holders. Another issue with the shuttles not running is that some female employees such as custodians must come to work very early, which is not safe when it is dark outside. This concern will be shared with Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Susan Zarebicki asked if it is possible to have a timed crosswalk across from Student Centers.
  • A constituent is concerned about missing and damaged bricks from snowplowing near Perkins and the fountain, which can be a hazard when it rains as some holes fill with water and become unnoticeable. This concern will be shared with Facilities.
  • Constituent asked if there is a blue light phone in lot 55 W. There is a blue light phone located near 314 Wyoming Road and also at the corner of Wyoming and S. Chapel Street.
  • Ladonna Miller asked if escort service is available for staff from the gold lots to the offices during the morning and from their offices at the end of the day when it’s dark outside. Information on escort service is available online at
  • New Business:

    The new Wellness Campaign for the New Year, “Well on your Weigh, starts on January 24 and runs thru March 13. The cost is $25 wellness dollars and the kickoff event is on January 20, 12-1 pm at 100 Wolf Hall. More details are available on the HealthyU website at

    Tom LaPenta stated that SSAC reps need to be represented on several UD committees. Bill Fitzpatrick is in favor of creating Parking and Transportation Committee with the representative constituents from PAC/SSAC/Graduate/Undergraduate/Faculty Senate/Union. Bill indicated that his organization is interested in representatives that will be engaged. Transportation and parking issues can be complex, and the committee will be expected to understand the subject and make thoughtful recommendations. Committee members will be solicited during January 2011 and the committee will convene in February. Catherine Corsi will be the representative for the SSAC.

    Marge Hadden will send the letter template for soliciting nominations to the Salaried Staff Grievance Procedure Advisory Committee to Judy for forwarding to all SSAC reps.

    Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm

    Respectfully submitted,

    Judy Allarey

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