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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes: December 14, 2011
The meeting was called to order at 2:30 PM
SSAC members present:

Member District Member District
Margrit Hadden 1 Ladonna Miller 8
Karen Murphy 2 Kimberly Doucette 9
Staci Truitt 3 Cathy Corsi 10
Susan Zarebicki 6 Theresa Henderson 11
Linda Nimtz 7    

Members excused:  Lisa Collins, Carol Brower, Michael DiMauro, Sr.

Others Present: Richard Rind, Patty Fogg, Juanita Crook, Tom LaPenta, Jerry Cutler, Hanna Messner

Meeting called to order by Tom LaPenta. Tom introduced Richard Rind, Director of Parking and Transportation Services.

Mr. Rind provided a very informative discussion regarding campus parking initiatives and procedures, and asked anyone who has a question for him or his staff to email them at or  He stated that the University currently has unused parking spaces. We are NOT at capacity. For every permit sold there is a parking spot—although people like to be able to park close to where they work, that is not always possible and one might have to park farther away than they would like.  Mr. Rind stated that Parking Services and Transportation are looking at ways to utilize the space on campus that is already available, and that additional changes regarding parking are forthcoming.  The Department encourages staff to take the bus.

During  upcoming renovations to Carpenter Sports building employees should plan to park in either the Trabant or Hollingsworth lots. The small gated lot at Carpenter will be closed. Gated lot employees should either downgrade their pass or temporarily park in the Hollingsworth lot.
Staci Truitt asked whether or not student parking will be restricted. Mr. Rind stated that as long as there is space available, they will not be restricted.

Ms. Hadden brought up a concern of neighbors bordering the University of Delaware west of the library and the fact that students who are utilizing library services especially during final exams time and in the evenings are parking on these neighborhood streets. Central/library parking is an issue that she feels needs to be addressed, especially that more parking should be available at the library. Mr. Rind observed no issues on one day before the end of Fall semester; all parking in this area is controlled by signs, special permit and city parking meters.  Streets were devoid of cars the day Mr. Rind was there. 

Dining Committee Report
Terry Henderson reported on the Dining Committee.

Dec 14, 2011, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

The group discussed the following:

Retail Update – talked about changes in the soup menu cycle, scrounge refresh look, etc.
Residential Highlights – mentioned the various theme menus: ex. Oktoberfest, Local Garden Harvest, Thanksgiving Dinner, etc.
International Education Week – Spanish flare, Middle Eastern Mezze platter

  • $5.00 Fridays were you can eat all you want
  • Kellogg’s share your bowl (for each bowl eat a donation to the food bank was made.
  • Guest Chefs

Marketing - Farmer’s market was a success people enjoyed going there during the summer

News/Suggestions - 

  • A new dining hall to be built were the tennis courts are currently across from Perkins
  • UDairy Ice cream should put small dixy cups in the pods around campus,
  • Cooking classes given by some of the chefs possibly do a video and put it on-line.

Constituent Concerns
Constituent travels on N. College Ave. between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. and again between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. daily.  Students ride their bikes two abreast and in the wrong direction on this street.  It is very dangerous especially after 4:30 p.m. when it is no longer daylight.   This issue was discussed in the last meeting.  Students  may be ticketed.  This was passed on to University Police patrol and to the Newark Police Department for follow-up since this is a city street.

A constituent stated the roadway in front of Robinson Hall should be one-way for safety reasons. In fact, this road is already one-way., It is difficult to see especially past the brick wall.  Many times large vehicles block the way.

The booth at the Visitors lot has not been manned at 8a.m. Mr. Rind stated that it is now.
Newark police are booting cars in University lots-- is this legal?  Mr. Rind explained that the Newark Police are permitted to boot on campus for excessive city violations. UD does not boot at all. City police can walk into a gated lot to boot but they are not given vehicle access to UD gated lots.

There is no University bus service between 12/19/2011 – 12/23/2011. How will employees get around campus?  Mr. Rind stated that employees with blue and red parking permits may park in gold lots during this time.

Lighting in the lot south of GSB is dim. Mr. Rind visited the lot on a recent evening and observed no issues as lighting appeared sufficient; he added he is willing to meet with staff member at the lot to discuss further if desired.

Why is Central Lot 53 behind Pierson oversold? Employees feel they paid for parking where there are no parking spaces available. Mr. Rind stated that Central lot still has spaces available and if you have a Central lot pass it does not guarantee a spot in one particular lot. Mr. Rind also mentioned that the garages still have available space for those who want guaranteed parking.

Constituent has a gated lot 20C permit; can he park ‘down’ in lot 19? Lot 20C permit holders cannot park ‘down’ in the following adjacent lots – 18, 19, 20, 67.

Spencer Lab has a disability button in back, but not in the front, even though there is a ramp.  Spencer Lab was build prior to 1992 and no major renovations have been made to the building. If this building comes up for a major renovation project this issue would be addressed at that time. The handicapped accessible entrance is located in the rear of the building which allows for a person to be dropped off and picked up at the electronic door.

Why is there no raise or increase in pay for earning a degree? The University is looking into other ways to recognize these employees such as submitting their names to UDaily.

Sidewalks in front of Warner & Robinson freeze during the winter. Dispatch @ 1141 should be called if there is a problem with ice or water in a specific area.  It is a safety issue.

UDSIS addresses need to be updated in every system.  If student don’t change the information or update their records there isn’t anything that can be done.

Flowers by benches should be replaced by non-flowering bushes because they attract bees.  Many people are allergic to bees.

Inclement weather policy – closing period is 5am to midnight.  Why are employees who work overnight not compensated? This is a tough issue—the closings will never satisfy all employees.

New hire forms/rehire forms need to display date when revisions are made to reflect the most recent changes.

Overtime policy – 40 hrs.   Can you miss time during the week and still receive overtime? Yes, per Tom LaPenta. 

Coke vender. Some constituents are experiencing problems with machines and expired products.  This concern has been shared with the Dining Services Committee.  It was announced that Pepsi will be the new software vendor for the UD campus, effective January 1.

The October 12, 2011 minutes were approved as written.

Other Business:
Hannah Messner asked for three volunteers for an ad hoc committee on exploring ways to recognize employees for meritorious service. The following volunteered:

Cathy Corsi
Marge Hadden
Linda Nimtz

Ms. Messner can recommend a survey to HR for all employees.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Juanita Crook

Reviewed by:
Marge Hadden

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