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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes April 13, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:





Dianne Thisell


Linda Nimtz


Staci Truitt


Ladonna Miller


Nancy Proctor


Catherine Corsi


Michael Dimauro Sr


Carol Brower


Susan Zarebicki


Lisa Collins


Member Excused:  Marge Hadden, Theresa Henderson, Kimberly Doucette

Others Present: Thomas LaPenta, Jerry Cutler, Maureen Querey, Peter Krawchyk, Patty Fogg,      Judy Allarey


The February 13, 2010 minutes, were approved as written.

Mr.  LaPenta introduced Peter Krawchyk, Director for Facilities Planning and Construction. Mr. Peter Krawchyk is the former Project Director for the ISE Lab project from Ayers Saint Gross of Baltimore, Maryland. He has worked previously with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill doing campus planning, construction and management. Mr. Krawchyk gave a presentation on the new organizational structure of the FP&C and construction projects around campus including the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory, the new University Bookstore, and the Science and Technology Campus on the former Chrysler assembly plant site.
Other notable projects include:

  • A 29,000-square-foot addition to the Bob Carpenter Center, which will include practice courts for men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball, as well as general student use.
  • East Campus residence hall and dining hall construction, with five new buildings that will house about 1,400 students. Complementing the residence halls will be a new dining hall and the renovation of the current recreational field in the Harrington Beach area.
  • The UD Bookstore, in partnership with Barnes and Noble, located on East Main Street just west of the intersection with Academy Street which also will be home to the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations.

For more information on featured projects, please visit:

New Business:

Mr. Jerry Cutler, Director for Human Resources, gave an update on the 2011 Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment Dates scheduled on May 9 – May 25. He added that beginning July 1, 2011, Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware will offer Consumer-Directed Health (CDH) Gold Plan options at rates less than the HMO Plans with Preventive Services covered at 100%.
Employees may attend any of the free employee briefing sessions to learn how the new plan can help them take control of their own health care spending. Information on the free sessions may be found on the Human Resources website at

Maureen Querey, Manager of Classification and Compensation, gave an update on the status of the compensation review. She added that the tentative implementation of the program is 2012.

Michael Dimauro volunteered to represent the SSAC on the Dining Services Committee.

Constituent Concerns:
Why is recruitment such a lengthy 3 months process and what is being done to improve the process? Patty Fogg responded that Human Resources is implementing a new software in the summer to make the system more efficient.

During late opening (at 10 am), do all employees report at 10 am, or would those employees who normally report at 8:30 am report at 10:30 am? Tom LaPenta stated that all employees would report at 10:00 am in that example except essential employees.

Is parking going to be available at the Chrysler site by Fall of 2011? Mr. Krawchyk said that parking at Chrysler site will not be available by Fall.

Some of the shuttle buses on the Express Route are not showing on the Live Map. Cathy Corsi responded that the tracking hardware has not been installed on the new buses that are running on the express route.

A constituent asked if the free blue permit lots for staff will be charged a fee for next fall. Tom LaPenta responded that the blue lots will remain free of charge next fall.
Constituent would like to see more basic, reasonably priced sandwiches or salads, rather than the fancy, high end choices and believes others feel the same way. Also, the constituent noticed a lot of food thrown out at one location at the end of the day. This concern will be shared with Dining Services.
Is it be possible to have a small, well drained walkway placed in grass area next to the exit gate of the (34C) gated lot south of the library. If the walkway were to begin before the exit gate and end before the first parking space in the gated lot, individuals walking would not have to walk in the grass due to the narrow exit area, especially on snow or rainy days and would not have to compete with exiting traffic when trying to enter the lot. This concern will be shared with Public Safety and Facilities & Auxiliary Services.


  • The Benefits/Wellness Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm. 
  • President Harker will attend the SSAC Meeting on May 31st at 2 pm. The meeting will be located at 105 Hullihen Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm

Please submit agenda items for the May 31, 2011 meeting to Judy Allarey by May 20, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Allarey


Reviewed by: Catherine Corsi

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