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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes April 14, 2010

Please submit agenda items for the June 9, 2010 meeting to Susie Resler by June 2, 2010.
The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:





Michael DiMauro


Lynn Brock


Dionne Putney


John Gleasner


Kimberly Doucette


Cheryl Cunningham


Diane Thisell


James Elfers


Mary Ann Brown


Margrit Hadden


Blaze Dougherty


Catherine Corsi






Members Excused:  Susan Zarebicki
Others Present: David Brond, Ralph Begleiter, Thomas LaPenta, Susie Resler

Meeting called to order 2:30pm

David Brond, VP for Marketing & Communications and Ralph Begleiter, Director of the Center for Political Communication presented a Path to Prominence Review, President Harker’s plan for the future.  They are talking with various groups on campus as our progress on the University’s strategic plan is reviewed.  Mr. Begleiter began by thanking all the members for their efforts and long service to the University.  Many questions were posed by Mr. Begleiter;

  • Are you personally involved, engaged in these efforts? Marge Hadden commented that her department offers adult education and continually reviews offerings to keep on track with Path to Prominence. She says it’s a good plan but because departments are following Responsibility Base Budgeting, there is no money for Path to Prominence. James Elfers felt the plan was not popular because employees were not consulted first. John Gleasner said he has not seen any change due to the Path to Prominence strategic plan. 
  • Mr. Begleiter asked if members noticed more discussion about the university on the outside? There have been a lot of discussions over the purchase of the Chrysler Plant.      
  • Changes in departmental diversity? Mr. Elfers mentioned the Global Agenda Program, a video roundtable hosted by UD in which copies may be purchased by other universities, was receiving much attention.
  • Diane Thisell, from the School of Education, mentioned her department has been exploring the possibility of applying to the Atlantis grant program and if that application were to be successfully funded, the grant would afford undergraduates the opportunity to earn a dual bachelors degree from UD and a partner institution from the EU, as well as allow students from the cooperating EU institution to do the same.
  • IT divisions meet 4 times per year and Path to Prominence is discussed.
  • Environmental Sustainability? Increase in recycling and “Green” programs. 

The December 9, 2009 minutes, were approved as written.

Old Business
Cones are blocking parking spaces and pot holes are not repaired yet. Bill Fitzpatrick, Director, Supporting Services, indicated the cones and concrete barriers damaged by the snowstorms are being addressed.                              

New Business
John Gleasner made a motion to redistrict geographically, James Elfers seconded and all were in favor.  Tom proposed a meeting with John Gleasner, Richard Wisk and Tom to discuss plans for redistricting. 

Constituent Concerns

  • It was recommended that the area for parking bicycles in front of the library should be cleared of snow after a snowfall.  Currently snow is dumped on parking areas and remains blocked for weeks.
  • One constituent expressed concern that the brick walkways become very icy.
  • Parking spots behind Clayton hall are dedicated to 15 minute parking, but the cars remain there all day.  Parking becomes a problem for employees when Clayton Hall has a large event.
  • WSFS is leaving the University and is being replaced by PNC who should be up and running by June.
  • It was mentioned the holiday break was not on the Academic calendar, but Tom reassured everyone that there was no change.
  • Small gated lot next to Hullihen has more parking spaces but the number of spaces for service vehicles has been reduced.

Committee Reports/Matters

Dionne Putney was welcomed as the new representative for district 2.
Thank you Patti Hall for serving on SSAC.
Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meeting adjourned at 4:15pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Susie Resler


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