Office of the Vice President
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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes October 14, 2009

Please submit agenda items for the December 9, 2009 meeting to Juanita Crook by December 2, 2009.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Michael DiMauro 1 Cheryl Cunningham 10
Kimberly Doucette 3 James Elfers 11
Diane Thisell 4 Susan Zarebicki 12
Blaze Dougherty 6 Marge Hadden 13
Lynn Brock 7 Cathy Corsi 14
John Gleasner 9    

Members Excused:  Mary Ann Brown #5
Members Absent:  Patty Hall #2, Ann Woodall #8
Others Present:  JJ Davis, Thomas LaPenta

The August 12, 2009 minutes, were approved as written.

New Business
Ms. Davis relayed some overall items of interest going on at UD.  There are a large number of students on campus this year and that the student population appears to be happy.  No H1N1 reported at this time.  Please continue to be diligent with hand washing and sanitizer.  On-going negotiations are continuing with Chrysler regarding their 270 acres.  The VP for Administration has recently been reorganized and is growing:  Budget and Employee Wellness have recently joined the VP Administration staff, new training programs are now in place, the United Way campaign kick-off will take place on October 19th with a target goal to raise $175,000, and employee appraisal forms are expected to be placed on-line as well.  There are a host of interesting speakers and music coming to UD with most of them being free of charge.  The exception is Colin Powell on November 4th.

Old Business
Mr. Elfers brought up the fact that the SSAC pages, which were located on the right side of the UD home page, are now more difficult to find from the home page.  There are several ways of locating SSAC pages: from, look on the left hand side; from UD’s home page, look under “S” on “find-it” or enter “SSAC” in the “search” box. 

New Business
There have been two new ad hoc committees formed.  One will be looking at the SSAC districts and the other will explore the possibility of automating the election process on the web.  A report to the SSAC members will follow.
Mr. LaPenta wanted to let the group know that the majority of individuals affected by recent job cuts at the University have been placed in other UD jobs through the assistance of Sharon Eiband of the Human Resources Recruitment office.  He noted this is the most success we have ever experienced in this regard.

Constituent Concerns
It was asked if a SSAC representative could also be a representative on the parking committee that examines parking costs. There is a SSAC member on the parking committee.

Mr. Gleasner asked if everyone would eventually have to park at Chrysler should the University acquire the property.  Ms. Davis responded there are no immediate plans to park there but also added the small lots around campus are not efficient and space is at a premium on central campus.  Mr. Gleasner inquired about individuals donating sick time to their colleagues.  Mr. LaPenta told the group that because the university provides 22 vacation days, 18 sick leave days, and approximately 15 holidays a year, he did not expect to see a change in the policy of not being able to donate time to another individual.  UD’s leave policy is extremely generous.

Ms. Thesell asked if the new level 7 is to be tied to any certification.  She mentioned that a cross section of people have been asked about this with some needing a certain criteria on both salaried and professional staff.  Ms. Davis told the group that we are trying to create more flexibility in the system and a sense that we value those who work here.

A constituent of Ms. Hadden’s asked if there is any truth to the rumor of an offer of early retirement incentive.  Ms. Davis responded that this will most likely not happen given the state’s economic situation.  Additionally one of her constituents expressed concerns about Fox news being shown on the TV in the cashier’s office.  Ms. Davis and Mr. LaPenta noted that the purpose of the news programs were for breaking news, etc.  Another of Ms. Hadden’s constituents asked for clarification of single stream recycling.  It was suggested that they check with the staff in Dining Services for further clarification.

Mr. Elfer’s constituents have expressed concerns regarding the lawn near the Bleecker Street patio area being cut at lunchtime and the subsequent noise from the lawn mowers.  Mr. LaPenta will raise this concern with Grounds.

Ms. Corsi’s constituent inquired about the large puddle that forms between Career Services and the Perkins parking garage when we have a lot of rain.  Mr. LaPenta will raise this concern with Public Safety.

Mr. DiMauro’s constituent asked why it is necessary when applying for another UD position that the applicant must provide the name of their immediate supervisor.  They did not find this in the policy.  Mr. LaPenta stated it is fundamental that a prospective employer receive a reference from the current supervisor.

Ms. Zarebicki stated that classes at Main campus (Newark) are during work hours and wondered if there are any plans to schedule required classes in the evening.  Mr. LaPenta stated that most units try to be flexible with their employees while taking classes.  In light of the new fines being levied by the city of Newark for jaywalking, it was suggested that there be a crosswalk installed between the Morris Library and the Visitor Center.  Mr. LaPenta noted that since there is a crosswalk at the traffic light close to Hullihen Hall it is unlikely that there would be another installed so close together.  He will ask Captain Grimes of Public Safety about this.  Ms. Zarebicki also brought up about space heaters not being allowed in some departments.  Please see the following policy and requirements for space heater use on campus:

Ms. Brock’s constituent told her of a fall on the bricks on the Green that did not appear to be icy.  She wanted to bring it up hoping that grounds could do a better job in bad weather of keeping the walkways clear.  Mr. LaPenta will ask grounds to respond.  Committee Reports/Matters

Next meeting Scott Douglass, Executive Vice President, will answer some of your questions.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Lynn Brock

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