Office of the Vice President
for Administration

Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes December 10, 2008

Please submit agenda items for the February 11, 2009 meeting to Cindy Delaney by
February 6, 2009.

The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Michael DiMauro 1 Cheryl Cunningham 10
Kimberly Doucette 3 Marge Hadden 12
Virginia Thomas 6 Karren Helsel-Spry 13

Members Excused: Patti Hall #2, Sharon Webb #5, Ann Woodall #8, John Gleasner #9
Alternates Present: Marlene Osborne #11, Kristal Olowolafe #14
Members Absent: Diana Simmons #4, Paige Seppanen #7
Others Present: Jennifer "JJ" Daivs, Nancy Wallace, lynn Brock, Ryan Boyer, Doug Quattrini

Ms. Davis introduced herself, Vice President for Administration, and Mr. Boyer and Mr. Quatrini of Dining Services/Blue Gold Club were also introduced.

The October, 2008 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business
Mr. Boyer and Mr. Quattrini addressed the group about their organization’s recycling efforts in response to inquires from the October, 2008 SSAC meeting and discussion with Mr. Warren.  They told the group that research is underway for products and samples that fit into single-stream recycling along with cost effectiveness.  Cans from events continue to be separated from other discarded items and there is a collaborative effort with grounds and facilities personnel with clear plastic bag usage.  Signs will be displayed which will spell out what can and what can not be placed in recycle bins.  Dining Services is involved in several other recycling efforts as well.  Please visit the following web site for additional information about their initiatives:

In regard to Mr. DiMauro’s constituent concern of October, 2008 about the pedestrian traffic issues and concerns near Perkins Student Center Ms. Olowolafe contacted Captain James Grimes of the Department of Public Safety with the following suggestions – A few years ago pole & chain barriers were put up along S. College Ave by the new crosswalk.  This has significantly helped pedestrian traffic cross at the designated crosswalk and deterred 80% of jaywalking.  My first suggestion is that the same pole & chain rails be installed along Delaware Ave. between S. College and Academy – specifically in front of McKinly Lab.  Although most pedestrians cross at the designated crosswalks by the Green, many pedestrians cross in front of McKinly Lab going to Main Street because there isn’t a designated crosswalk or barriers to direct them otherwise.  The second suggestion is that pole & chain barriers be set-up on both sides of Academy Street from the intersection of Lovett Ave. to the far end of Penny Hall.  Many pedestrians going to/from the Green and East Campus dorms cross without warning along this short span of the block.  Captain Grimes has responded by stating that he will move these suggestions forward to see if they are feasible.

Constituent Concerns
Ms. Hadden’s constituent inquired about the Physical Fitness subsidy for downstate employees being available for a membership to Curves.  Ms. Wallace stated that Curves is not considered a full fitness provider and therefore there are no benefits available for reimbursement.

A constituent of Mr. Elfer’s inquired about the salary computations for staff.  Ms. Davis stated that these are extremely challenging economic times and that the university is trying to cut discretionary spending.  Ms. Davis suggested that staff training is essential to maximize the resources of the University’s human capital.  Further research and design is necessary in order to assist staff to meet our customer’s needs.  Ms. Davis plans to pole SSAC members about training programs at the SSAC meeting in February.  Ms. Wallace told the group that salary benchmarking has provided very good ideas/recommendations as well. 

Ms. Helsel-Spry mentioned the positive of increased usage of energy efficient lighting on campus.  Additional information about how the University of Delaware is engaged in sustainability may be found at the following -

Ms. Helsel-Spry stated that Delaware Geological Survey is experiencing a high volume of spam and junk mail and wonders if User Services is able to do anything about it.  She will inquire about what can be done and report back to the committee at the next SSAC meeting.
Ms. Olowolafe expressed a concern for personal safety at the Perkins Parking Garage where there is a painted stop but no actual stop sign.  This concern has been forwarded to UD Parking Services for investigation and appropriate action.

New Business

Committee Reports/Matters


The meeting adjourned at 3:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Brock

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