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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes August 12, 2009

Please submit agenda items for the October 14, 2009 meeting to Susie Resler by October 7, 2009.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Michael DiMauro 1 Lynn Brock 7
Kimberly Doucette 3 John Gleasner 9
Diane Thisell 4 James Elfers 11
Mary Ann Brown 5 Susan Zarebicki 12
Blaze Dougherty 6 Marge Hadden 13

Members Excused:  Cheryl Cunningham #10, Cathy Corsi  #14
Members Absent:  Patty Hall #2
Others Present:  Thomas LaPenta, Jenny Sparks, Susie Resler

The June 10th, 2009 minutes, were approved as written.

Tom LaPenta introduced Jenny Sparks manager of Parking Services for Public Safety.  Ms. Sparks is responsible for all parking matters, lots and garages, maintenance, budget, etc.  Mr. LaPenta asked Ms. Sparks if she would give the committee a brief overview of the parking situation on campus. 

Ms. Sparks explained that Parking Services is self-supporting.  The division is responsible for maintaining the lots on campus and higher costs have necessitated the increase in parking fees.  Currently, the Center for the Arts garage is underutilized.  All other garages and most lots have waiting lists.  Ms. Sparks noted that eventually all parking will be on the campus periphery.  Parking Services is promoting carpooling, which is occupancy of at least two.  Carpoolers are given preference and can be moved up the wait list.  Another alternative are the blue lots, lot #88 west of the Bob Carpenter Center, and lot# 6 on the Laird Campus.  The blue pass is free, and when buses are not running, it becomes a gold pass.  Over 300 employees are using the blue pass, and taking a bus to main campus.
Marge Hadden pointed out that raising rates during this economic crisis was poor timing.  Ms. Sparks noted the high costs associated with maintaining the lots and garages. 

New Business
Mr. La Penta suggested to the council that it form an ad hoc committee to discuss issues such as voting procedures and redrawing districts in an informal setting.  John Gleasner, Blaze Dougherty and Susan Zarebicki volunteered to steer this committee.  Marge Hadden also suggested using Qualtrex for member voting.  Mr. La Penta suggested Ms. Hadden set-up a meeting with Richard Wisk to discuss the possibility.

Old Business

Constituent Concerns
Mr. Elfer’s constituents wanted to know why professional employees receive a longer notice period than salaried staff in the event of a layoff.  Mr. LaPenta explained that salaried staff employees can more easily move into other University of Delaware positions.

Marge Hadden asked, when eliminating positions, why misc wage employees weren’t let go first.  Mr. LaPenta reminded us that misc wage employees are not benefited, therefore eliminating those jobs may not affect the budget line. Mr. LaPenta indicated that Sharon Eiband, HR has had tremendous success in locating positions for staff whose jobs were eliminated.

Blaze Dougherty’s constituent wanted to know why pay raises were not based on merit but rather divided equally amongst the department.  Mr. LaPenta indicated that, in fact, salary increases are based on merit and pay raises should never be divided equally among employees. He noted that performance appraisal completion rate took a big step forward.  Scott Douglass, Executive Vice-President and University Treasurer, and JJ Davis, Vice-President for Administration will attend the next SSAC meeting to update members on issues of importance.

Committee Reports/Matters

Mr. LaPenta informed the council that this year’s freshmen class is the largest.

Next meeting Scott Douglass, Executive Vice President, and JJ Davis, Vice President will answer some of your questions.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Susie Resler

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