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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes August 6, 2008

Please submit agenda items for the October 8, 2008 meeting to Richie Holland by
October 3, 2008.

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Michael DiMauro 1 John Gleasner 9
Kimberly Doucette 3 Cheryl Cunningham 10
Virgina Thomas 6 James Elfers 11
Ann Woodall 8 Gwen RoBison 14

Members Excused: Sharon Webb #5, Paige Seppanen #7, Karren Helsel-Spry #13
Alternates Present: Dawn Byrd #12
Members Absent: Patti Hall #2, Diana Simmons #4,
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Richie Holland, and Lynn Brock

Dr. Colm introduced the guests; Nancy Wallace, Office of Human Resources; Becki Fogerty, Office of Women’s Affairs; and Kassandra Moye, Center for Black Culture.

The June, 2008 minutes were approved as written.

Diversity Task Force
Ms. Moye and Ms. Fogerty told the group that the Diversity Task Force, appointed last spring by UD President Harker, is seeking input from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members on ways the University can enhance diversity. Ms. Moye and Ms. Fogerty canvassed the SSAC members for ideas and suggestions. Please see the following website for more information -

Retirement Eligibility Criteria
Nancy Wallace discussed the University’s newly published retirement eligibility. This is applicable to UD retiree benefits such as tuition remission, tuition exchange, life insurance, library access, and wellness. Salaried staff typically retire with benefits through the Office of Pensions at the State of Delaware which has different age/service requirements for retirement. The University’s revised policy follows -

New Business

Old Business
In regard to the Parking Advisory Committee report of the new commuter gate permit option being available for the academic year 08-09, Captain James Grimes stated that the cost of this gate control is “$328, which is 70% of what an employee pays for a gated lot.”  Clarification from Captain Grimes on the wording of this statement is that the cost is 70% because the permit is good for the academic year (Sept. – May).  Whereas the employee gate permit is good for the entire year (Sept. – August) and therefore it costs more.

Constituent Concerns
Ms. Woodall stated that all employees may not be informed about the recycling program here at UD.  It was suggested that Mr. John Warren, Director, Facilities be invited to the next SSAC meeting for clarification of the program.

Ms. Cunningham asked when the UD mileage allowance will be raised.  Mr. Holland responded that it is under discussion.  Please see the following article that was released on August 7th regarding the reimbursement increase -

Mr. Elfers’ constituent requested the new merit increase breakdown. Dr. Colm and Mr. Holland responded that it was 4.0% and that there are no parameters for how the monies were to be distributed. Another of Mr. Elfers’ constituent concerns was that when Dr. Harker allowed university members to leave early for the Independence Day holiday, that the Library staff were not included. Dr. Colm told the group that because of some unfortunate occurrences associated with the early dismissal, that there may not be any in the future. Mr. Elfers also told the SSAC members that the alarm in the library sounds all of the time. Mr. Holland suggested that Mr. Elfers inquire with the Facilities department as to why they are going off so frequently. It may be a case of the alarms’ sensitivity and dust.

A constituent of Ms. Hadden’s asked if there are plans to provide external defibrillators in other areas of campus. Mr. Holland suggested that Robin Elliott, Director, Occupational Health & Safety be contacted. Another inquiry was made about CPR training being offered to staff members. Mr. Holland inquired and suggests that interested employees contact Occupational Health and Safety as they offer classes.

There are constituent concerns related to the AA program in Wilmington. Specifically, the issues stated are: (1) there is inadequate parking for the students. If you are not in the lot by 8 am, you are not getting in; (2) security - students do not feel safe walking around this area; (3) the expressed need for an escort service for the AA students. This is viewed as an equity issue since we have an escort program for students on main campus. Mr. Holland sought information from John Courtright, Director of the Associate in Arts Program. Mr. Courtright‘s response follows. As for safety issues, more information is required. Students who have concerns about safety should make an appointment to meet with Professor Jack Bartley, who is the Faculty Coordinator in Wilmington. We will need them to provide specifics about when, where, and in what way they feel unsafe. Once we have determined whether we are talking about a relatively few students or many students, we can meet with our Delaware Tech counterparts to determine what, if any, response is necessary, feasible, and appropriate. The students should be sent through the appropriate channels so we can deal with these issues effectively.

Mr. Gleasner inquired as to when employees who completed the health screenings would receive their payment. Mr. Holland posed this question to Chris Ulrich, Manager, Benefits. Ms. Ulrich responded that all UD employees should receive payment by September 30, 2008.

Committee Reports/Matters


The meeting adjourned at 3:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Richie Holland

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