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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes June 11, 2008

Please submit agenda items for the August 6, 2008 meeting to Richie Holland by
July 30, 2008.

The meeting was called to order at 2:33 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Kimberly Doucette 3 Cheryl Cunningham 10
Sharon Webb 5 James Elfers 11
Ann Woodall 8 Karen Helsel-Spry 13
John Gleasner 9 Gwen RoBison 14

Members Excused: Michael DiMauro #1, Virginia Thomas #6, Paige Seppanen #7
Members Absent: Patti Hall #2, Diana Simmons #4, Marge Hadden #12
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Thomas LaPenta, and Lynn Brock

The April, 2008 minutes were approved as written.

New Business


Old Business

Constituent Concerns
Ms. Helsel-Spryís constituents recommended some ideas that would link with Dr. Harkerís initiatives while saving resources and funds. One idea is not to replace the parking hang tag every year, and issue a sticker which can be attached to the existing hang tag displaying the next yearís renewal information. In addition, there was a suggestion to have volunteers oversee recycling on campus instead of relying on building custodians to handle it.

Mr. Elfers inquired whether there is a web address for construction work that is being done on campus this summer. It was suggested that constituents view the facilities web site and project log at:

Mr. Elfers also asked if there was any new information on the salary compensation study. Dr. Colm told the group that the consultantís report will not be available until later in the summer and then must be analyzed by HR.

Mrs. Robinsonís constituents expressed appreciation to President Harker for allowing everyone to leave early before the Memorial Day holiday.

A constituent of Mr. Gleasnerís suggested that the University use Clayton Hall for the Associate in Arts (AA) Program. In the constituentís view, the Del Tech Wilmington campus is not well-maintained and the crime in the area is escalating. The constituent has spoken with parents of students of the AA program. They indicated that students do not feel they are "real UD students and feel they donít belong on campus even if they have an ID card and can use University facilities. Many students on the Newark campus talk about the AA program as if it is a second hand program. The constituent feels Clayton Hall is a safer location and students would feel that they really belong at UD. The concern is that many students may opt to go to other institutions because they do not feel they are a part of the UD community. Dr. Colm will share this concern with John Courtright, Director of Undergraduate Studies. Dr. Colm and Mr. LaPenta also noted that the State of Delaware and SEED funds are involved in supporting the AA program.

Committee Reports/Matters<


The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Richie Holland

Reviewed by Marge Hadden as authorized by SSAC.

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