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Salaried Staff Advisory Council

Minutes October 11, 2006

Please submit agenda items for the December 6, 2006 meeting to Julie Skeen by December 1, 2006.

The meeting was called to order at 2:37 p.m.

SSAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Michael DiMauro 1 Susan Williams 10
Kimberly Doucette 3 James Elfers 11
Deborah Hall 5 Marge Hadden 12
Virginia Thomas  6 Gwen RoBison 14
Ann Woodall 8

Members Excused: Marylee Frederick #9, Karen Clark #13

Alternates Present: John Gleasner #9

Members Absent: Patti Hall #2, Diana Simmons #4, Paige Seppanen #7

Others Present: President Roselle, Maxine Colm, Thomas LaPenta, Julie Skeen

The August 9, 2006 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business

Constituent Concerns
Ms. Hall brought forward a constituent concern about low salaries for salaried staff. Mr. LaPenta stated that, for an educational nonprofit organization, UD is very competitive, but it cannot match salary ranges offered in the private sector. Dr. Colm noted that if salary alone is the constituentís main concern, disregarding the excellent benefit package offered, UD may not be the best niche for this employee. She also noted that the corporate workplace, which has frequent reorganizations, does not offer the job security found at UD, where considerable effort is made to retain its workforce. Salaries are benchmarked by our Office of Institutional Research and Planning. Next yearís merit increase pool will be 4.25 percent which is excellent considering UDís finite resources.

Mr. Elfers registered a complaint on the food pricing at the new Bleeker Street food stand in Morris Library which he finds incongruent with other campus food stands. Dr. Colm indicated the subject would be raised with Sue Bogan, Dining Services by Mr. LaPenta.

Ms. Hadden reported the frustration of a group of employees has encountered with the poor custodial service being provided. No response was received when the custodial supervisor was notified of the many service shortcomings. Ms. Hadden was advised to e-mail Mr. LaPenta with particulars so he can seek resolution to the matter. John Warren, Director, Custodial Services, has since followed up on these concerns.

Ms. Williams raised the subject of the Salaried Staff classification review and the status of the proposed new level 9. Dr. Colm reminded the group that this new level involved a select group of salaried staff whose responsibilities have expanded beyond current classification levels but not to professional staff levels. Dr. Colm indicated that an implementation date has not been determined. She noted that Chris Ulrich, Human Resources, and Mr. LaPenta are reviewing professional levels 11 and 12 for compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act guidelines. It is expected that the review will be completed by February. Hopefully, once the FLSA review has been completed, the level 9 can be implemented.

Comments from President Roselle
Dr. Roselle reported that the presidential search is going well, with many national and international applicants. A final decision is expected by the end of this academic year.

UD is addressing the need for more administrative space with a new building to be constructed near the Visitors Center. The Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrar, and Scholarships and Financial Aid will be located at this site. Other planned construction includes an undergraduate science laboratory facility at the corner of Academy Street and Lovett Avenue, and a new 600-bed dormitory. The Presidentís House will undergo upgrading which should be completed prior to the arrival of the next president.

Dr. Roselle noted that the Center for the Arts opened with good reviews. Tours were conducted during Homecoming and a community open house was held in October. Dr. Roselle believes that the addition of a proposed concert hall in the future would greatly enhance the Center.

Overall, Dr. Roselle sees the University as being a good employer, a good neighbor, and well-positioned and staffed for continued growth.

Dr. Colm attested to the increase in quality of UD faculty and staff during Dr. Roselleís tenure.

Ms. Doucette expressed the appreciation felt by those in the presidential search focus group for being made to feel part of the process.

Committee Reports/Matters
Mr. Elfers announced the need to fill a vacancy on the Salaried Staff Grievance Advisory Board. Information on the grievance process can be found at Those interested in serving as a member should send their biographies to Mr. Elfers ( A vote will be taken at the next SSAC meeting in December.


The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas LaPenta

Reviewed by Marge Hadden as authorized by SSAC.

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