Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes May 12, 2010
The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Pusecker.

PAC members present were:

Paul Pusecker   #1   Ian Janssen   #10
Charles Garbini   #2   Derek Dolby   #11
Robin Crawford   #4   Suzanne Stanley   #12
Debbie Hill   #7   Joan Stock   #13
Allison Walters   #9   Nancy Smallwood   #14

Excused:  Robin Buccos #3, Gerald Hendricks #5, Glen Loller #6, Robert Urian #8
Others Present: JJ Davis, Tom LaPenta, Patty Fogg, Jean Neff, Richard Wisk, Susie Resler

Tom LaPenta introduced Dr. Jean Neff, Coordinator of the IT-Client Support Services, who came to speak to the members about the LearnIT@UD program.  Please refer to the UDaily May 26, 2010 article ‘LearnIT@UD’ at for further information.

Minutes were approved as written.

New Business

  • Richard Wisk shared with the members, the new web form to be used for PAC and SSAC nominations for positions on the board.  He plans to have it up and running shortly.
  • District #8 PAC member, Robert Urian from Facilities is stepping down.  Mike Parisi will be replacing him.
  • Four PAC members agreed to be on the Advisory board along with Charles Garbini.  They are, Ian Janssen, Allison Walters, Suzanne Stanley, and Joan Stock.
  • A question was asked about same sex partner benefits.  The University is trying to acquire these benefits, but currently they are not part of the Sate of Delaware’s healthcare benefits.
  • The AAUP has voted in favor of a new 3 year contract.  JJ Davis served as the lead negotiator.

Constituent Concerns

  • One constituent was concerned with UD hiring professionals without a degree.  Tom LaPenta indicated that professional positions generally require a degree.  Maureen Querey, Manager, Benefit Services, Classification and Compensation, will attend an upcoming meeting to discuss this issue.
  • There was concern over the transportation survey given to all UD employees.  How is it going to be used?   The survey seemed to favor mass transportation and bikes.  There will always be parking, but UD would like to add more perimeter parking and provide shuttles to campus.  Bill Fitzpatrick, Director, Supporting Services, will discuss parking at a future PAC meeting.

Faculty Senate Report
Follow the link for the May 3, 2010 minutes.

Commission on the Status of Women
R. Buccos attended the Commission on the Status of Women meeting on March 10, 2010.  Three prominent issues were raised. 

  • The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and the Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity (CPRCD) will end and President Harker has initiated a new commission titled Diversity and Climate Advisory Commission (DCAC).   As of 5/4/2010, co-chairs are yet to be announced.


  • CSW has submitted nominations to President Harker to serve on DCAC under the categories:  Dean, Department Chair, Tenured Faculty, Student Life, Athletics, and Admissions.  CSW nominations will have a primary focus of supporting women’s issues.  President Harker and yet to-be-announced co-chairs will review these CSW nominations along with nominations coming in from a variety of possible constituents.  President Harker will make the final appointments to serve on DCAC. 

There are several caucuses that have been approved each representing minority groups across campus.  One caucus will be a Women’s Caucus.  Each caucus chair will serve on the DCAC.  Maggie Anderson has expressed interest to serve as the Women’s Caucus chair and CSW wholeheartedly supports this nomination.

Commission on the Status of Women
March 10, 2010, Noon – 1:30 p.m.
Meeting Minutes

I. Upcoming Events and Award deadlines
      A. The annual P&T Workshop was held on March 15. Update: 20 new faculty attended the workshop, and several CSW members served on the panel and as facilitators for the roundtable discussions. THANKS Karen, Carla, and Monika!
      B. We announced the deadline of the Trabant Award - March 26. Last year, Deb Bieler had a compelling nomination, so Karen will ask her department to re-nominate her using the same materials submitted last year.  Update: no other nominations have come in, and the English Department has been in touch to activate Deb’s nomination.
      - The Collins/Carter Award (OEI) has a deadline of March 12. CSW was encouraged to nominate students for this monetary award.  Update: we are awarding the Collins award to PhD student Carissa Young. The Carter award will go to 2 deserving undergraduate women’s studies students: Meridith Ambrose and Meghan Wallace. OEI is in touch with Mae Carter, the awardees, and their faculty nominators about scheduling the annual luncheon.

II. Women of Excellence
      A. Erin reported that the women suggested by CSW were out of our price range and had schedules with very limited availability. Erin discussed possibilities with Graduate Student Senate and other graduate students in her program, and thought that having an inspirational speaker who could provide some real world advice that would be relevant to students who are planning a variety of fields (not just academe) would be best.
      B. We extended an invitation to DE Secretary of Transportation Carolann Wicks, who has shattered glass ceilings and is no stranger to UD. Update: event scheduled for Monday, May 3.  CSW members are invited to bring a graduate student to the exclusive luncheon (usually a breakfast, but due to scheduling, it will be a luncheon), and to help spread the word about the 4pm lecture/reception to students/faculty.

III. New Commission
      A. The President has asked CSW to submit nominations of faculty/staff to serve on the new DCAC. After hearty discussion, the following list will be submitted (CPRCD is the other Commission):
CPRCD: (1) Bobby Gempesaw, (2) unnamed Dean of Arts and Sciences
CSW: (1) Kathy Matt, (2) Bobby Gempesaw

Department Chair 
CPRCD: (1) Norman Wagner, Chem Engineering, (2) Maria Aristigueta, Urban Aff & Public Policy
CSW: (1) Anette Karlsson, Mech Engineering, (2) Marsha Dickson, Fashion & Apparel Studies

Tenured Faculty 
CPRCD: Ted Davis, Poly Sci and Ali Poorani, HRIM
CSW: Sharon Neal, Chem, Laura Salsini, FLL, Carla Guerron-Montero, Anthro

Student Life
            CPRCD: Kasandra Moye, Center for Black Culture and Dawn Thompson, Dean of Students
CSW: Angela Seguin, Wellspring and Michael Fernbacher, Office of Student Conduct

            CPRCD: Bonnie Kenny, Women’s Volleyball Coach
            CSW: Sue Groff, Associate Director

            CPRCD: Amy Greenwald-Foley, Senior Associate Director
            CSW: Bill Bickley, Admissions Counselor

B. The last discussion centered on how best to establish a women’s caucus and if there are other caucuses not addressed in the current structure proposal.  Maggie Andersen has expressed interest in serving as the Women’s Caucus chair, and CSW wholeheartedly supports that. CSW may also be involved with helping organize the new caucus and start a draft of bylaws (an example of the African Heritage Caucus bylaws are attached). Karen will be in touch with Maggie to offer assistance/resources.

JJ Davis, Vice-President for Administration, Report

  • May 14th is the Humor Program offered by the Wellness Center.
  • Make sure to submit your evaluations as soon as possible.
  • UDid It! employee appreciation celebration picnic will be held on June 7th, 2010 on the Green.
  • Employees will receive salary increases this year which should be reflected in their July 15th pay checks.
  • UD had a banner year for hiring. In most cases, the top choice was selected.  We expect to see growth in hiring, especially in the Engineering Department.


  • University of Delaware, Human Resources Department, recently received the CUPA HR award for the Eastern Region for their on boarding initiative. More information can be found at;


Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted,
Susie Resler