Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes – May 11, 2011

The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Pusecker.

PAC members present were:

Member  District Member  District
Paul Pusecker 1   Allison Walters 9
Charles Garbini 2   Laura Slice 10
Ilka Riddle 4   Derek Dolby 11
Jenny McDermott for 
Gerald Hendricks
5   Joan Stock 13
Debbie Hill 7   Nancy Smallwood 14

Excused: Glen Loller, Mike Parisi
Others present:  Jerry Cutler, Judy Allarey  

Minutes for the March 9, 2011 meeting were discussed and accepted as written.

Constituent Concerns

The request was made that the prohibition of left turns onto Amstel Avenue from South College be temporarily suspended during the temporary closure of the road from Memorial Day weekend through the middle of July. This is to allow people to have access Amstel Avenue from the north and the south.  Contact has been made by the university with the City of Newark to request the temporary suspension and the answer is “no”.

Constituent is asking about the possibility of having a crosswalk at the corner of S. College Avenue and Winslow Road which is a major crossing point for people who park in the Library lot and for those who exit the bus. The Office of Government Relations will start the process by asking City of Newark. S. College is a state road and the state will also need to approve.  

A constituent is proposing that employees who park in one of the parking garages have a duplicate card or ID that they can use to get into the garage only and have a separate ID that can be used for the fitness center, library, etc. Mr. Pusecker responded that this has come up before and that duplicate ID’s are not a possibility.

Transportation and Parking Committee Report

  • Garages will be attended from 7am - 8pm on weekdays, no weekend hours (trial period over summer).
    • A rover will go through all of the garages to troubleshoot any issues
    • validation will be transitioned to coupons on 7/1
    • starting in the Fall there will be standardized pricing at all lots
      • $.75 / 1/2 hour weekdays w/ no maximum
      • $.50 / 1/2 hour late nights and weekends w/ a maximum of $4
    • Parking meters will go to 24/7 in the Fall
  • Parking officer enforcement is from 7am - 2am
    • other entities enforce 24/7
  • Permit changes as of Fall
    • Motorcycles as a 2nd vehicle will now be charged full rate of $65 (vs $7 now)
    • Central lots will be expanded to Main St, Elkton Rd, Kells Ave, Haines St (effects 6 small lots)
    • Day passes will be allowed in Central lots
    • 30 current permit categories will be reduced to 15 (mostly by changing semester passes to yearly passes)
    • Grad students will be allowed to buy Central passes (but not Undergrads)
    • Contractors will be allowed access to Central lots (5 per project)
  • Currently approximately 25% of tickets are waived.  After 10/15 of each year this will be reduced.  This is to ensure that if a person works for UD, they will purchase a proper permit and not just wait until they get a ticket.
  • Parking/Transportation information lunch sessions will begin in early summer
  • New bus routes will start in the Summer and Fall (


Mr. Cutler announced that the Benefits Open Enrollment for 2011 is underway and will run through May 25. The Benefits and Wellness Fair will be held on May 17, 2011 from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm in the Trabant University Center MultiPurpose Room.  This year’s Fair will include a panel discussion “Managing your Health: Informed Choices Today for a Healthier Tomorrow” from 12:15 to 1:15 pm. A presentation about the CDH Gold Health Plans will be given from 1:45 to 2:45 pm. Both sessions will be held in the Trabant Theatre.

Election results for the odd-numbered districts will be announced in June.

Please submit agenda items for the July 13, 2011 meeting to by July 5, 2011.

Meeting Adjourned
3:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Allarey

Reviewed by:
Paul Pusecker