Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes – January 12, 2011

The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Pusecker.

PAC members present were:

Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Debbie Hill  7
Charles Garbini 2 Allison Walters 9
Ilka Riddle 4 Laura Slice 10
Gerald Hendricks 5 Derek Dolby 11
Glen Loller 6 Nancy Smallwood 14

Excused:  Mike Parisi #8, Suzanne Stanley #12, Joan Stock #13
Others Present:  David Brond, Tom LaPenta, and Judy Allarey.  


Tom LaPenta introduced David Brond, Vice President, Office of Communications and Marketing who came to make a presentation on the rebranding of the University of Delaware:

FOUNDATION OF OUR BRAND – UD Path to Prominence™

The goal in re-branding the University was to explore the perceived image and reputation of UD, both internally and externally, and to develop a clear, unifying identity—one that can be communicated with consistent messages. UD’s new tagline is based on six chapters in our brand story, six pillars identified in the re-branding process as our key attributes. These core brand messages position the University as an exceptional academic institution so that we can continue to attract high-quality and diverse students, recruit and retain exceptional faculty and staff and achieve our enrollment, fundraising, research and community partnership goals.

  • Talent Magnet
  • Idea Leadership
  • Discovery Learning
  • Smart Money
  • East Coast Classic
  • Citizen university

Core Values

Five principles represent UD’s commitments to the world and serve as beacons to guide its progress:

  • Delaware First
  • Diversity
  • Partnership
  • Engagement
  • Impact

Strategic Milestones

The following strategic milestones continue to propel UD on a Path to Prominence:

  • A Diverse and Stimulating Undergraduate Academic Environment
  • A Premier Research and Graduate University
  • Excellence in Professional Education
  • The Initiative for the Planet
  • The Global Initiative
  • An Engaged University

Please refer to the Office of Communication and Marketing website at and for further information.


December 1, 2010 minutes were approved as written.

Constituent Concerns:

A constituent is inquiring about the change to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s health insurance plan requiring people to use Lab Corps as the sole provider for lab testing. Information on the change was published on the UDaily at:

Constituent has concern about safety around the parking areas of the ELC. They have been working with Public Safety for over 10 months, but they are still experiencing problems with people speeding out of the CDS, Lab Preschool and College School areas. Public safety installed a second stop sign and increased police presence during peak hours but the problems have persisted. Public Safety said that they are looking into adding speed bumps for that area to slow the vehicles down prior to the stop sign; officers are also doing educational patrols which are also helpful.

Center for Disabilities Studies needs a UD shuttle bus stop close to the building’s driveway entrance for students with disabilities who are not able to safely cross the busy and dangerous crosswalk at Library Avenue. This concern will be shared with Transportation and Parking Services.

A constituent expresses concern that no professional staff is included in the Arts & Science Strategic Planning Committee. Paul Pusecker responded that the committee has one professional staff representation from the HHMI program in the Department of Chemistry. 

There is concern over several large potholes at the parking lot at Carpenter Sports Building. This concern will be shared with Facilities.

Constituent is asking if it is possible to have a cross-walk between Graham Hall and Spencer Hall for people coming out of the parking lot behind Pearson. Public Safety said that there are crosswalks at the 4-way stop on the corner of Lovett Avenue and Academy Street and also at the corner of Delaware Avenue and Academy Street. 

Constituent is inquiring if there are incentives for professional staff that are planning to retire. Tom LaPenta said that only tenured faculty members are entitled to this benefit.

New Business:

Charles Garbini will be the PAC representative on the Parking and Transportation Committee.

Members of the Council reviewed the PAC Constitution and Bylaws and proposed the following changes (italics, bold):


  • Article 4: Meetings

Council meetings shall normally be held at least six times a year and shall be open to non-representatives.

  • Article 5: Policy Functions will be deleted. Articles 6-9 will be renumbered.


  • Article 1: Conduct of Meetings

Meetings of the Council shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (Barnes & Noble Book of Modern Parliamentary Procedure Ray E. Keesey, 1974- delete), except insofar as the bylaws make express provision to the contrary.

  • Article 3: Elections

3.2 Each electoral district shall be entitled to at least one Council representative (for approximately every seventy five members or major fraction thereof - delete).Districts shall elect a representative for a two-year term every other year, as determined by the Election Committee.

3.3 Election Committee

3.3.2 The duties of the committee shall be to supervise the election procedure, (to unseal and count the ballots – delete) to declare nominees on the basis of the nominating procedure, and to declare elected representatives on the basis of the election procedure.

3.5 Electing Representatives

3.5.1 Initially the Council shall consist of up to eighteen (18) elected members.

3.5.5 Representatives of each district shall be declared elected on the basis of the highest number of votes and the newly elected representatives shall be notified (in writing – delete), through the Office of Human Resources, that they have been elected.

  • Article 6: Duties and Responsibilities

6.2 President

6.2.1 Co-chairs with the Vice President for Administration and Finance or a representative all regularly scheduled Council and steering committee meetings.

6.4 Secretary

    6.4.4 Collects and maintains the minutes of Council meetings and annual reports and insures that copies are posted on the University webpage (forwarded to the University Archives - delete) for permanent retention.

  • Article 8: Special Meetings

8.1 The University President, the Executive Vice President, or the Vice President for Administration and Finance may request the Council call a special meeting of the professional staff. Special meetings may also be called by a two thirds vote of the Council. Professional staff members shall be notified at least one week in advance of the date of a special meeting.

8.2 The secretary of the Council shall insure that minutes of the proceedings and the actions of all special meetings are properly recorded and posted on the University webpage (archived in the library – delete).



Faculty Senate Meeting
December 6, 2010

Provost Apple reported that the Promotion and Tenure Committee is meeting with the AAUP and the administration to resolve differences between the faculty handbook and the collective bargaining agreement.

Apple also reported that UD is conducting its first cluster hire, a University-wide search for 6-8 faculty positions in the Delaware Environmental Institute (DENIN).

Over 100 applications have been received for these positions, and expect that number to exceed 300. He noted that the search is interdisciplinary, and all UD departments are eligible. All department chairs are encouraged to identify candidates and bring them to the attention of the search chair, Dan Leathers. The choices will not be made by discipline, but the committee will be looking for the best candidates. If successful, he would like to do similar searches in the future.

Apple also mentioned the continuing efforts to strengthen student writing and communication skills across the curriculum. The goal is to integrate writing into each discipline.
An effort is also under way to develop a more equitable system of faculty evaluations. It should be based on what students are learning, not on the popularity of the instructor.
Faculty President John Madsen announced an ad-hoc committee to address RBB issues charged with determining the effect of RBB on academic programs.
An item for discussion was held on the listing of religious holidays on the UD academic calendar.  Several suggestions were made, including not listing any religious holidays, listing all religious holidays or adding the list of religious holidays as an attachment to the academic calendar. No consensus was reached, so the matter was referred back to committee.
A new five-year provisional ecology and honors ecology major was approved and will be interdisciplinary, with the Department of Biological Sciences supplying the basics of biology and the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology offering courses related to diversity, behavior and ecological interactions.

Also approved was a provisional honors bachelor of science in marine science with a concentration in marine biology.

Meeting Adjourned
4:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Allarey