Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes September 9, 2009

Agenda items for the November 11, 2009 meeting need to be submitted to Susie Resler by November 2, 2009.

The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Robert Urian 8
Charles Garbini 2 Allison Walters 9
Rachel Strickland for Robin Buccos 3 Ian Janssen 10
Robin Crawford 4 Derek Dolby 11
Gerald Hendricks 5 Suzanne Stanley 12
Glen Loller 6 Joan Stock 13
Debbie Hill 7 Nancy Smallwood 14

Excused:  Robin Buccos, District #3

Others Present: J.J. Davis, Tom LaPenta, Kim DeShields, Juanita Crook, Kathy Roeder


Minutes accepted with the following suggestions: Under the Faculty Senate Meeting report, the sub paragraphs need to be indented.

Old Business

Nominations will be taken next meeting in November for The Grievance Hearing Board up to Level 16.  PAC members may solicit constituents who are interested in becoming members of the Professional Hearing Board up to Level 16.  Five professionals will be elected at the next PAC meeting to serve a two year term. Training will be provided. Short biographical sketches may be provided.  The Grievance Advisory Board members will be reappointed for 2009-2010. The Council will elect another “at large member” for the Steering Committee to replace Cathy Matthews. PAC University Committees remain the same except for the Faculty Senate Observer who will now be Joan Stock, replacing Gerald Hendricks.

Guest Speaker:  Kathy Roeder, Procurement

All expenses are in one location. It now is easier to track with the new travel & entertainment card instead of personal cards and the BERs. Cash Advance cards can budget a year’s expense and may be used from year to year with a declining balance.

“Works” is the new p-card system where cardholders are expected to sign off on all their charges.  This does not, however, take the place of the p-card allocation system.  If you are having problems getting into the system or navigating the system, please make Procurement your first call for assistance. “Username” is the lst initial & last name (use at least 6 characters). The password has 8 characters and it may be reset. If you need to add travel to your procurement card, fill out the application and send it to Procurement. If you need to replenish your cash advance, fill out the application. There is no agreement needed to replenish your cash advance card.

There are training videos on how to use “Works” and run reports under tools. The manual distributed during training is on the Procurement homepage along with a podcast of one of the training sessions.

Visiting scholars need to be paid on a vender form. Reimbursements will eventually migrate to “Works” as will the allocation of charges. 

Constituent Concerns

The policy for notifying professionals of job eliminations will be modified in 2010. Those changes are in the Policy and Procedures Manual for the University, (Personnel Policy #4-90, Section B).  The maximum notice period for a professional whose position has been eliminated continues to be one year.

Paul Pusecker asked if University of Delaware professionals are covered by liability insurance. They are covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation for job related activities.

Committee Reports

Rachel Strickland presented the report from the Commission on the Status of Women for Robin Buccos:

The Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity and the Commission on the Status of Women recently met for a day-long strategic planning session in response to the Diversity Task Force report and as part of the continuing work of the Diversity Action Council.  Commission members identified common issues and concerns as well as opportunities and strengths for collaborating to create a more robust educational environment in which all people are welcome and feel welcome. Both commissions confirmed their commitment to continue to work together to ensure that a diverse community of voices is represented at UD. Plans are underway to prepare a report to the President with recommendations and strategies to more effectively structure the Commissions to move us forward on our Path to Prominence.

New Business

J. J. Davis, Vice President for Administration:  HR initiatives – The employee training website lists numerous training opportunities. Onboarding is now centralized and there have been many positive responses.

Service awards – more employee choice in the new plan. Upon ones anniversary an email to select an award will be sent to the employee. The gift will be mailed direct to the employee’s home. Information on this will go out in November.  The luncheon and spring dinner will still be held.

PAC members applauded these efforts.

The new long term care vender is Prudential and open enrollment begins in October. If you are interested in keeping CNA, you will be direct/billed. If you do not currently have long term care, you may enroll with Prudential.  For additional information, visit h

The Flex benefit card is administered by Ceridian and a survey was distributed to employees participating in the Flexible Spending Account.

Recruitment is streamlining web forms, which will be out later in the fall.

Wellness campaign for walking and “Veg Out” have been successful.



Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted by,
Juanita Crook