Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes November 11, 2009

The meeting was convened at 2:30 p.m. by Mr. Pusecker.

PAC members present were:

Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Robert Urian 8
Charles Garbini 2 Allison Walters 9
Robin Buccos 3 Derek Dolby 11
Robin Crawford 4 Suzanne Stanley 12
Gerald Hendricks 5 Nancy Smallwood 14
Glen Loller 6    

Excused:  Debbie Hill #7, Ian Janssen #10, Joan Stock #13

Others Present: Tom LaPenta


Accepted as written.

Old Business


Constituent Concerns

Entrance/Exits outside Laurel Hall and Morris Library onto South College Avenue are dangerous. It is difficult for cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians to safely negotiate these areas. Public Safety has been notified of this concern. 

A bus stop on South College Avenue near the Laurel Hall area would be a helpful addition to the campus. Transportation Services was notified of this request.

Robin Buccos spoke regarding the “Commission on the Status of Women Update”. She reported that they were working diligently to ensure a voice in the Joint Commission report originally due to the President by November 1, 2009. She stated that there was an extension until November 16, 2009. The Commission met on November 11, 2009, with one of the agenda items being to review the DRAFT of the Joint Commission sub-committee report.

The Joint Commission Report was working with a mission:
 to provide leadership and advocacy to ensure an educational community that is intellectually, culturally, and socially inclusive for all groups regardless of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, nationality, religion, and disability.
The Goals that were listed in this initial outline are:

  1. Study and evaluate issues affecting diversity from an overall perspective
  2. Recommend policies that foster an environment of civility, tolerance, and mutual respect
  3. Advise the President, Executive Vice President, Provost, Vice President for Administration, Vice President Student Affairs regarding campus climate
  4. Educate and inform

New Business
Bob Urian spoke regarding Grievance Procedure Advisory Board.

The following were elected into the Grievance Hearing Board Up to Level 16:

Glen Loller                IT-Network & Systems Services
Jeff Palmer                Office of University Registrar
Mike Parisi                 Facilities
Suzanne Stanley       Office of University Registrar
Bob Urian                   Facilities

Meeting Adjourned


Tom LaPenta
Assistant Vice President-Employee Relations