Office of the Vice President

for Administration
Professional Advisory Council

Minutes January 14, 2009

Agenda items for the March 11, 2009 meeting need to be submitted to Gerald Hendricks
by March 9, 2009.

The meeting convened at 2:32 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Catherine Matthews 9
Charles Garbini 2 Ian Janssen 10
Robin Crawford 4 Derek Dolby 11
Gerald Hendricks 5 Suzanne Stanley 12
Glen Loller 6 Nancy Smallwood 14
Robert Urian 8

Excused: Robin Buccos #3, Vincent Shipman #7
Others Present: Jennifer "J.J." Davis, Nancy Wallace and Cindy Delaney

The September and November, 2008 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business

Constituent Concerns
A constituent of Ms. Smallwood’s expressed concerns about a change to the request for leave form. The form is now automatically forwarded to the departmental HR Liaison. The constituent finds this a violation of private communication between my supervisor and I. Why was this change made and is there a possibility of removing this “auto-forward”? J.J. was unaware of the change but stated we would investigate. Upon investigating, copies of some of the human resources web forms are sent to the departmental HR Liaisons. In an effort to standardize the routing process for human resources web forms, the IT department asked to add the HR Liaison as a copy on the leave form.

Another constituent of Ms. Smallwood’s expressed concerns about the performance appraisal process. The constituent stated that last year there was significant discussion and implementation of supervisors being much more critical with annual appraisals of staff. J.J. stated that it is the administration’s desire is to create more open and direct communication with the performance appraisal process. We are striving to create a culture at the University that is open and direct. The performance appraisal process is designed where we can provide you with feedback on your performance. The University is using the American Management Association (AMA) to provide management training to individuals on campus.

Another concern expressed by this constituent is regarding mid-level professional positions. Some new mid-level professional positions are being created without the level system (13, 14, 15, etc) and rumor has it that current administration does not like the level/salary system. Salaries for these new positions are being created/offered based on similar salaries at competitive institutions. Will the new administration be doing a review of all current employees to bring fairness to salaries across the board? Or is this higher/competitive salary just for new hires? J.J. stated that our current classification and compensation system needs to be updated. In the future we will work to design a compensation system that is more transparent.

A constituent of Mr. Garbini’s asked if the UD certificate program being offered, covered under the current tuition reimbursement program and if no, are there any plans to change the policy in the future and include it under the reimbursement program. Nancy Wallace stated that the course fee waivers can be used for these programs as long as it does not displace a paying customer.

A constituent of Mr. Hendrick’s expressed a concern regarding the accessibility to Bldg. # 22, 461 Wyoming Road. We have people in and out of our building a lot unannounced. I think it would be helpful for those UD employees – facilities, IT, OH&S- that enter the building should make a stop in the central office and announce who they are and why they are there. For instance – if they have a work order, they should bring the work order with them and who the request was from and check in with that person when they arrive. J.J. will ask Skip Homiak, Executive Director of Campus & Public Safety to contact Gerald Hendricks to address these concerns.

Mr. Urian asked about tuition benefits and if the University was planning on making any changes to the tuition benefits currently being offered. J.J. responded that the University has no plans at this time to change the tuition benefits. However, overall University funding from the state may be cut by up to 15%. We are not sure what cuts to expect as we have to adjust our budget downward. We will need to ask ourselves if the need is essential or can it be constrained and saved.

Committee Reports:

The Faculty Senate Meeting report for December 1, 2008 were presented by Mr. Hendricks.

There was a discussion about minimum university-wide breadth requirements.  The subcommittee decided on 12 credits, a class from each of 4 categories; colleges could tack on whatever else they want above and beyond that.  The group voted to allow CHEP to change their name.

Dan Rich discussed the financial outlook.  UD’s endowment is doing better than many other institutions but it is still down significantly.  The strategy is to brace for uncertainty and avoid additional expenditures.  UD has to submit a plan to the State identifying how we would cut 15% from the budget.  The goal will be to focus on critical hires only and redirect discretionary spending. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:15.

New Business

Nancy Wallace announced that we have outsourced the Flexible Spending reimbursement program to Ceridian.  The program utilizes a debit card which was rolled out on January 1. 

We have a new look to the Total Compensation Statements which will be sent out late January/early February. 

HR has partnered with American Management Association (AMA) to provide a three day Management class to supervisors.  We will not be offering our regular training class this spring.  HR will be sending out a training survey to the members of campus.  We want to know what the needs are review and revamp our training programs 

Meeting adjourned at 3:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Cindy Delaney