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Professional Advisory Council

Minutes July 11, 2007

Agenda items for the September 12, 2007 meeting need to be submitted to Gerald Hendricks
by August 31, 2007.

The meeting convened at 2:37 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Michael Parisi 8
Janusz Murakowski 2 Barry Miller  10
Robin Buccos 3 Derek Dolby 11
Gerald Hendricks 5 Steve Dexter 13
Maria Mullin 6 Deborah Cohen 14
Vincent Shipman 7

Members Excused: Christina Mason Johnston #4, Suzanne Stanley #12
Alternates: Signe Bell #4
Members Absent: Catherine Matthews #9
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Tom LaPenta, Richie Holland and Cindy Delaney


The May, 2007 minutes were approved as written.

Constituent Concerns

A constituent of Mr. Parisi's wanted to know if it would be possible to have access to the Employee Fitness Center located in Harrington for an hour or so a day because it is difficult to find parking at the Carpenter Sports Building. Mr. LaPenta noted that the fitness center at the Carpenter Sports Building is open early in the morning, late at night and on Saturdays. Dr. Miller noted that the Harrington Fitness Center is for students and is currently closed for the summer. Dr. Miller advised Mr. Parisi to have the constituent contact him directly.

Committee Reports

Dining Services Committee Meeting minutes from May 3, 2007 were presented by Barry Miller.

University of Delaware
Faculty Staff Dining Committee Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2007, 12:00 p.m.
Pencader Dining Hall


  • Attendance
Sue Bogan Dining Services x6761
Tabitha Groh Administrative Services x1737
Deb Hoff VP & University Secretary x8498
Barry Miller PAC x1578
Debbi Miller Dining Services x1008
Bob Nelson HRIM x6455
Susan Williams SSAC x8436
Not Present
Karen Stein Faculty Senate x4049
  • Retail Updates
    • The Scrounge has added panini sandwiches as an option at the Fresh Market area.  This replaces the omelet station once a week.  A committee member commented that the wraps work well.  They are a healthy option that are both popular and efficient.
    • Bleecker Street is really good but service is slow because of long lines.  It is delicious but suffering from being too popular.  Students love it and come in droves. 
    • The annual soup sampling was offered in January.  Seven new soups were added to the spring soup menu.
    • A question was raised as to whether the Harrington Market will be expanded with planned building renovations.  It was suggested that juice bar be offered outside the work-out center as this is becoming very trendy.
    • Really great improvements in variety have been seen at Walter’s.  The chicken salad croissants and chicken Caesar wraps are really good.


  • Dining Hall Updates
  • Guest Chefs featured this semester include Nona’s, Delaware Food Bank, Daddy O’s, and sushi.
  • Taster’s Tables featured this semester include Ken’s salad dressing, Pillsbury muffin toppers,  Icelandic Seafood, and Tyson Tempura Pork Bites.  All were well received by students.
  • Special events were reviewed. 
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise Tropical BBQ was featured in all dining halls on 3/21.
  • A European Tour was featured in April:  Bavarian Pretzel Fest at Rodney (4/3 lunch), April in Paris at Pencader (4/5 dinner), La Cucina Italiana at Russell (4/12 dinner), English Tea at Kent (4/13 lunch), Swiss Melting Pot at Pencader (4/17 lunch), It’s all Greek to Me at Rodney (4/18 dinner), Polish Polka at Russell (4/24 lunch), Spanish Fiesta at Kent (4/25 dinner)
  • Coast to Coast USA will be featured in May:  New York Classic Deli at Kent (5/2 lunch), The Heart of Chicago at Pencader (5/3 today at lunch), Best of New England at Russell (5/8 lunch), Wild Wild West at Pencader (5/9 dinner), A Taste of the Gulf Coast at Rodney (5/10 dinner), Route 66 Diner at Rodney (5/15 lunch), Heartland Country Fair at Russell (5/16 dinner) and Pacific Coast Highway at Kent (5/17 dinner)
  • Dining Halls continue to feature premium dinners and desserts throughout the semester.
  • Marketing Updates
  • Recylemania
    • Dining Services, Residence Life, Facilities/Grounds and Custodial Services participated in Recyclemania from January 28 through April 7.  Recyclemania is a competition among colleges and universities across the nation.  University of Delaware also set up competitions between residence halls on campus.  The University of Delaware recycled 96,000 pounds of material during this time period. 
    • Susan Williams suggested getting employees involved in the future and is willing to assist with efforts next year.
  • Earth Week
    • Dining Services participated in Earth Week 2007 with conservation and recycling tips of the day, dim the lights day, weight the waste day, know your ecological footprint day and an Earth Day lunch.
    • Deb Hoff is involved with the Green Delaware Recycling and Town and Gown Environmental Cooperative “U Don’t Need It?” Student Move Out.  An event to breakdown cardboard may take place during fall move-in.  Deb is interested in being involved in Earth Week events next year.
  • Dining Styles Survey
    • Dining Services received over 1600 responses to the Spring Dining Styles survey.  Results are not yet available.
  • National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW)
    • Dining Services participated in NEDAW.  This event was planned was coordinated by a student on campus. 
    • Dining Services involvement in NEDAW included participating in a health fair, featuring a Who’s Up for Breakfast special, featuring nutrients in dining hall, providing Bleecker Street vouches, presenting Taster’s Tables, featuring Crudite Crunch, providing nutrition brochures, promoting Mazola ZT, featuring the recipes from the student video broadcast,  offering daily specials in the Scrounge and Trabant, and offering whole wheat pizzas.
  • All dining locations are using Mazola ZT (zero trans fat) oil in deep fat fryers.


  • Round Table
  • Dining Services was asked what they were doing to combat the marketing of the Off Campus Meal Plan.  A lot of parents think it is a UD program.  Dining Services cannot actively advertise against this plan.  Dining Service’s focus is to improve our program and stay competitive.  Campus pricing for retail locations is based on competitive analysis.
  • It was felt that more could be done to entice employees into campus dining locations.  Currently most employees eat at the Scrounge and Walters.  Suggestions to promote dining halls to faculty and staff include:
    • Remind faculty and staff through UDaily that they are welcome to eat in the dining halls.  It is believed that most faculty and staff are unaware that this is an option.  The article should include photos and sample menus along with a list of the best times to avoid crowds.
    • Loose the name “dining hall.”  Better alternatives could be Campus Restaurant at Rodney or Rodney Residential Dining.
    • Promote breakfast meetings because fewer students are dining at that time.
    • Do a dining hall tour with a featured day and time to introduce faculty and staff to the dining halls.  Have a kick-off.
    • Offer block plans of 25 meals with payroll deduction or promote dining dollars.
    • Get key people to talk it up.
    • Give an informational flyer or handout to PAC and SSAC dining representatives with a list of best times to avoid crowds.
    • Committee members continuing 2007-08:  Sue Bogan, Tabitha Groh, Deb Hoff, Barry Miller, Debbi Miller, Karen Stein, Susan Williams..  Committee members not continuing 2007-08:  Bob Nelson.

    New Business

    The Steering Committee members of the 2007-2008 Academic Year are as follows:

    Paul Pusecker President

    Barry Miller Vice President

    Gerald Hendricks Secretary

    Michael Parisi At-Large

    Robin Buccos At-Large

    Maria Mullin At-Large

    The Grievance Advisory Body members for the 2007-2008 Academic year are as follows:

    Steve Dexter, FYE/Life Program

    Vincent Shipman, Public Safety

    Gerald Hendricks, Paul Pusecker and Christina Johnston will remain on the body.

    The PAC University Committee members for the 2007-2008 Academic year are as follows:

    Commission on the Status of Women - Christina Johnston

    Commission to Promote Racial & Cultural Diversity Barry Miller

    Dining Services Committee - Barry Miller

    Faculty Senate Observer Gerald Hendricks

    Parking Advisory Committee - Michael Parisi

    Transportation Services Committee - Maria Mullin


    Dr. Colm announced that President Harker will attend the September meeting.

    The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by,

    Cindy Delaney

    Reviewed by Gerald Hendricks, Secretary, PAC


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