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Minutes September 13, 2006

Agenda items for the November 8, 2006 meeting need to be submitted to Burt Wilson
by November 1, 2006.

The meeting convened at 2:30 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Burt Wilson 9
Christine Mason Johnston 4 Barry Miller 10
Gerald Hendricks 5 Doris Miklitz 11
Maria Mullin 6 Suzanne Stanley 12
Daniel Bailey 7 Cyndi Jumper 13
Michael Parisi 8 Deborah Cohen 14

Members Excused: Trudy Riley #2, Patricia Grim #3
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Richie Holland, Thomas LaPenta, Nicole Rutter, Lynn Brock


The July 2006 minutes were approved as written.

Mr. Holland introduced Nicole Rutter. She is currently working as an intern in the Office of Human Resources.

Constituent Concerns

A constituent of Ms. Johnston’s inquired about the need for signage to better define the location of University Student Services. The CHEP office receives daily inquiries about the location of Student Services. Mr. Holland stated that there was no interest in making such signage changes in the past; however, he will revisit the subject.

Ms. Miklitz inquired about Human Resources contacting people from a previous year’s waiting list for the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP). The operative regulations require that employees reapply each year in order to be eligible for the TEP benefit.

A constituent of Ms. Stanley noted that access for professionals to the State Pension Plan was denied and asked whether doing so is regulated by state law? Christine Ulrich, Human Resources Manager, stated that the plan is administered by the State of Delaware under Title 29, Chapter 55. If an individual is promoted into a professional or faculty position, they are given a one time option to select their retirement plan whether it be to stay with the State Pension Plan or move to the 403(b). Individuals who have questions about their specific pension eligibility are encouraged to call HR/Benefits at extension 2171 or the State of Delaware, Office of Pensions (800) 722-7300.

Ms. Mullin asked if there would be any interest in creating van pools to assist employees in getting to and from work. It was noted that the State currently has a program which has been well advertised and information will be sent to departments upon request. For example, the Delaware Biotechnology Institute (DBI) has used the service and DBI employees can provide additional information about their experiences with the State program.

Mr. Pusecker’s constituent stated that there is increasing need for motorcycle parking; hence a concern for needed additional motorcycle spaces in the parking lots. Mr. Pusecker will forward this concern to Mr. James Grimes of Public Safety and will ask that he and Mr. Parisi explore the issue.

Committee Reports

PAC Report on The Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity meeting held on
May 15, 2006 as submitted by Trudy M. Riley.

The Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity

Following is the link to the Web Site for Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity. Please see the Annual Report for 2005-2006 )


The Classification Review project committee has been conducting research and gathering information regarding the career paths of higher-level salaried staff. The following information outlines that process and provides an update on the status of the review.

Proposal for a New Non-exempt Job Category (Level 9)
During the 2005-2006 Classification Review project a number of constituent groups expressed interest in enhancing career paths for high-level salaried staff currently in positions that are broad in scope, highly complex, and regularly require the exercise of independent judgment, accountability and critical thinking. A classification review committee comprised of Paul Anderson, Anna Bloch, Maxine Colm, Christine Cook, Marge Hadden, Richie Holland, Paul Pusecker, Christine Ulrich and Nancy Wallace developed a description that defines the nature and responsibilities as well as requisite skills and competencies of a capstone position in the salaried staff classification structure. Important also was that the responsibilities, skills and expectations described for the new position far exceeded those required for incumbents in level 8 positions. The committee also discussed provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that requires employees to be paid for all hours that they have worked and overtime pay for any hours that exceed forty hours a week. The Act also recognizes that certain groups of employees are exempt from hourly and overtime pay requirements based on the nature of their job responsibilities. At Delaware, faculty and professional staff have "exempt" status; hourly and salaried staff are considered "non-exempt" employees. The committee recognized that compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that professional positions meet specified standards for "exempt" status. A preliminary review by Human Resources staff indicates that levels 11 and 12 of the professional classification system should be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if all positions in those job levels meet the tests for exempt status. Chris Ulrich, head of the Classification and Compensation unit has developed a questionnaire to help ascertain whether individuals in these two job categories meet current regulations. Questionnaires have been distributed to department chairs and unit heads. This review should result in a better defined classification system; one that is in compliance with FLSA requirements. Following the conclusion of the FLSA Review project in early 2007, the Committee will revisit the creation of a proposed level 9 position; implementation is anticipated soon thereafter.

New Business

The Grievance Hearing Board members, Up to Level 16, elected are as follows:

Member Term Ending
Daniel Bailey, University Development 9/07
Glen Loller, IT-Network & Systems Services 9/08
Maryann Rapposelli, Recreation Services 9/08
Jeff Palmer, Office of the University Registrar 9/08
Suzanne Stanley, Office of the University Registrar 9/08
Michael Parisi, Facilities 9/08

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Lynn Brock

Reviewed by Burt Wilson, Secretary, PAC


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