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Minutes November 8, 2006

Agenda items for the January 10, 2007 meeting need to be submitted to Burt Wilson
by January 5, 2007.

The meeting convened at 2:32 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Michael Parisi 8
Trudy Riley 2 Burt Wilson 9
Patricia Grim 3 Barry Miller 10
Christina Mason Johnston 4 Doris Miklitz 11
Gerald Hendricks 5 Suzanne Stanley 12
Maria Mullin 6 Deborah Cohen 14
Daniel Bailey  7

Members Excused: Cyndi Jumper #13
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Thomas LaPenta, Lynn Brock, Michael Middaugh and Marianne Carter


The September 2006 minutes were approved as written.

Dr. Michael Middaugh presented findings of this year’s Employee Satisfaction Survey to the group.

Ms. Marianne Carter provided a Wellness Center update noting that there are many nursing and medtech students currently involved with the wellness programs.  She mentioned five upcoming programs.  They are: Employee Health “Screening Bonanza”, Great American Smoke-Out, Holiday Weight Challenge, Have A Ball! and Express Workout.

Constituent Concerns

As follow-up to Mr. Pusecker’s constituent concern from the September 13, 2006 PAC meeting; Mr. Parisi reported that Captain Grimes of Public Safety analyzed the need for additional motorcycle parking spaces. It was determined such room exists and additional motorcycle parking spaces will be added at Sharp Lab.

Mr. Pusecker’s constituent inquired whether the fees for employee fitness classes would be the same for Winter Session as in the Fall and Spring semesters even though the time period is shortened. In addition, the constituent asked whether more wellness dollars would be available in the future.

Dr. Colm told the group that the University provides monies for wellness programs and there is not any interest in increasing the current amount until employee interest increases. At present, the average participation rate for UD employees is 40%. Wellness dollars are really an incentive “to be well” and at some point the amount may increase if the usage rate does. Wellness dollars may be used for Fitness Class Sessions. Unlimited class passes are $96.00 for each Spring, Fall and Summer; the cost of unlimited class passes for Winter is less expensive. The following link provides additional information about the variety of - passes.

Another constituent inquired as to how long it takes to distribute service awards after an individual’s service anniversary. The Human Resources Staff strives to have the packages delivered via campus delivery/mail during the spring following the employee’s anniversary date.

A constituent of Mr. Pusecker’s raised the concern that automobile drivers do not adhere to the posted 15 MPH speed limit on both Roger Martin Drive and Sincock Lane. These are access roads located behind the athletic facilities on South Campus and are widely used by pedestrian traffic, bikers and runners. The constituent suggested that speed bumps be installed. Mr. Pusecker checked with Captain Grimes, Public Safety who, in turn talked with the Delaware State Fire Prevention Office. The office indicated that speed bumps are allowable as long as they comply with Delaware Department of Transportation regulations. However, it was noted that speed bumps could pose an issue for the fire department and snow removal operation due to damage to equipment.

Committee Reports

Faculty Senate Committee Meeting minutes from September 18, 2006 were presented by Trudy Riley.

The Faculty Senate Report

PAC Report on The Faculty Senate meeting held on September 18, 2006. Provost Dan Rich began the meeting by introducing Havidan Rodriguez as the new Vice Provost for Academic and International Programs. As of Fall 2006, the University added 70 new faculty, accepted 3300 freshman out of 22,000 applicants and 450 transfer students, as well as 1200 new graduate students. Provost Rich stated that the early decision program was eliminated in the Spring, and the University received several favorable comments from guidance counselors, prospective students, and the press regarding this decision. Provost Rich reported that the University of Delaware Middle States Periodic Review Report has been returned with comments that were very favorable, especially regarding assessment.

One of the goals of the University is to increase the number of graduate students from approximately 3400 to 4000. In the upcoming year, the University is conducting a review of all graduate programs to identify best practices and to maintain and improve the quality of graduate education.

Senate President Dallas Hoover announced that the Faculty Senate had a new online website. The website for course revisions is also being updated. The Registrar’s Office will send an email to all faculty announcing when the course revision form is available. The Senate Executive Council is continuing the process of evaluating Faculty Senate committees. The committees evaluated last year were Student Life and Undergraduate Studies. This year the Executive Council will evaluate Diversity and Affirmative Action and Student and Faculty Honors.


Dr. Colm informed the group that the Commitment to Delawareans will be launched on November 15, 2006. The “Commitment” offers a detailed pathway to high school students to follow who want to attend the University of Delaware. Every superintendent in the State of Delaware has taken part in preparing a brochure outlining the program. It was also approved by the members of the State Board of Education and other education officers. She said that the brochure is also available in a Spanish version.

Pat Grim noted however that a parent of a Christiana School District student said that the district is not encouraging students to apply to the University of Delaware, finding that our faculty are unfriendly and not monitoring student academic progress. Dr. Colm suggested that the new Commitment statement should prove helpful to interested parents, teachers and students.

Dr. Colm thanked everyone for their participation in this year’s United Way Campaign. Dr. Colm mentioned that the level 9 classification study for salaried staff is ongoing; completion is anticipated by the start of 2007. The Professional and Salaried Staff Advisory Council holiday luncheon will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at Noon in the Ewing Room Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Lynn Brock

Reviewed by Burt Wilson, Secretary, PAC


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