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Minutes May 9, 2007

Agenda items for the July 11, 2007 meeting need to be submitted to Richie Holland
by July 6, 2007.

The meeting convened at 2:34 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Burt Wilson 9
Vacant 2 Barry Miller  10
Gerald Hendricks 5 Doris Miklitz 11
Maria Mullin 6 Cyndi Jumper 13
Daniel Bailey 7 Deborah Cohen 14
Michael Parisi 8

Members Excused: Patricia Grim #3, Christina Mason Johnston #4
Alternates: Signe Bell #4
Members Absent: Suzanne Stanley #12
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Tom LaPenta and Richie Holland


The March, 2007 minutes were approved with the following corrections.  A constituent of Ms. Cohen’s expressed concern that the University appears to value the safety of faculty and students over that of staff.  Dr. Colm stated that the policy's wording reflects the fact that faculty and students don't receive paid vacation time.  She further noted that the University does not expect faculty, staff, or students to take unnecessary risks to meet their obligations due to inclement weather.

Constituent Concerns

A constituent of Dr. Miller's wanted to know if it would be possible to leave or carry over funds from the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to the next year. Mr. Holland stated that the FSA's are regulated by the IRS and the University has to adhere to those regulations which has a use it or lose it regulation.

A constituent of Mr. Parisi's expressed a concern regarding the cost of parking. Dr. Colm stated that the University tries to keep the annual increase in the cost of parking below the BTA percentage rate. Mr. Parisi asked what could be done for those employees who are required to have transportation to perform the functions of their job which prevent them from utilizing the option to park in a free lot and use the bus service.

A constituent of Mr. Puseckerís requested that he raise a concern again about an issue that was brought to the table in November regarding the access roads of Roger Martin Drive and Sincock Lane. The concern is that automobile drivers do not adhere to the posted 15 MPH speed limit. The constituent suggested that Public Safety provide more enforcement. Mr. Hendricks suggested adding a bike lane. Dr. Colm inquired whether the road was a State or county road which would affect our doing so. Mr. Grimes was to check on the ownership of the road. Mr. Holland will follow up with Mr. Grimes.

Another of Mr. Pusecker's constituents asked whether or not the University has considered offering an accelerated undergraduate program for employees. Dr. Colm stated that the University is presently evaluating the online offerings.

Committee Reports

The Faculty Senate Report for April 9, 2007 were presented by Gerald Hendricks.

The Faculty Senate Report

April 9, 2007

Semiannual General Faculty Meeting
Memorial tributes were presented for three faculty members, Mary Ann Miller, Maurice Cope and Judy McInnnis President Roselle presented his final address to the faculty with a state of University address.

UD received the 2006-07 Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education at a ceremony held at the United Nations on March 30. Lisa Griffiths presented a session to Deans and Faculty on our Study Abroad program. 43 % of graduating seniors have participated in international programs and a search is being conducted for additional scholarships with a goal of increasing participation to 50%.

Named professors now number 110, about 1/3 of all full professors, creating a virtual fourth rank. Named chair endowments now exceed $80 million and grants received by faculty have increased from $39 million to $160 million. The quality of young faculty continues to improve with 107 faculty members in sciences, math and engineering having received either the federal Presidential Young Investigator or Early Career Awards.

Faculty diversity continues to improve as well. Since 1985, the number of women faculty has increased by 49%. Of last yearís hires, 9 are African American, 3 Hispanic and 2 Asian American.

Undergraduate applications exceeded 23,000 last year of which about 20% are accepted, comparable to Stanford and Harvard. In 1990, about 50% of applicants were accepted. More than 20,000 of those were from out of state, which is the highest percentage of any public university.

A new Georgian-style Enrollment Services building will be constructed next to the current Visitors Center. It will house undergraduate admissions, financial aid, and the registrars office.

The final 600 bed residence hall on Laird Campus will be completed by July 2008 creating a total of 3,000 beds in the complex. It will include a fitness center and an artificial turf recreation field.

An undergraduate science building which would combine teaching labs from several sciences departments remains on the wish list as a search for funding continues. It would be located in the Russell parking lot and include a parking deck to replace any lost spaces.

Administration changes
The Vice President for Student Life position should be filled by August, a job President Roselle has assumed for the past five years. He noted that it was a rewarding experience and gave him a chance to interact with many professionals that he may not have otherwise had. President Roselle praised the staff and reminded the faculty that while total UD employment totals has remained steady; the number of faculty has increased by 200. Increased productivity by fewer professional and salaried staff has made this possible.

A new VP for Finance, Robert Specter, was appointed in February, and Patrick Harker will become UDís 26th President on July 1.

Faculty Senate Meeting
Avron Abraham presented a guide on the recently added requirements for an undergraduate Discovery Learning Experience. Three credits are now required in real-life, outside of the classroom type learning experiences. Learning outcomes include being able to use critical thinking skills and engage in reflection. Study Abroad and service learning courses both meet the requirements. The guide is available on the Faculty Senate web page.

Two new majors, and four new bachelor of science degrees were approved.

The Diversity Commission Meeting report for April 9, 2007 was presented by Cyndi Jumper.

Diversity Commission Meeting

Dr. Middaugh and Dr. Kelly presented the results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey Comparison of 1995 and 2006. The selected variables were categorized by ethnicity as requested by the Commission.

The majority of variables indicated gains in employee satisfaction by all groups. Specific variables that reported a loss or gain in satisfaction were discussed. There was some decrease in satisfaction among the Hispanic community. Discussions about the changes included the increase in Hispanic community on campus.

Dr. Jorge Cubillos and Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau presented a report on the meeting of the Latino/Hispanic Heritage Caucus. This caucus re-convened after a hiatus. The caucus voted to change the title from Hispanic Heritage Caucus voted to change the name from ďHispanic Heritage Caucus to the Latino/Hispanic Heritage Caucus. A mission statement was also adopted.

Members of the caucus (about 64 total) were surveyed and there were 32 responses. The first two sections of the questionnaire addressed the issue of diversity on campus.

Overall, the responses spoke favorably of the efforts made by the university to create a welcoming environment for under-represented groups. The majority of respondents have not experienced overt forms of discrimination and most do not feel affected by their minority status. Five important issues were identified as gaps: Recruitment of Latino/Hispanic students, Tenure & Promotion, Retention, Diversity programs and Administrative Leadership. There were several recommendations presented. Dr. Colm suggested the Caucus invite Dr. Rich to an upcoming meeting to discuss these important areas.

The Commission hosted two luncheons in May that recognized both the Latino/Hispanic and African American students of distinction.

Respectfully submitted, Cyndi Jumper


  • Bright Ideas and Excellence in Service Award luncheon to be held on Thursday, May 10, 2007.
  • Benefits Open Enrollment period begins Monday, May 14th and will end, Wednesday, May 30th.
  • Service Awards Dinner will be held Tuesday, May 15th.
  • Benefits Fair will be held Thursday, May 17th at the Trabant Center
  • Level 9 classification announced.
  • The meeting adjourned at 3:12 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by,

    Cindy Delaney

    Reviewed by , Burt Wilson, Secretary, PAC


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