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Minutes January 10, 2007

Agenda items for the March 14, 2007 meeting need to be submitted to Burt Wilson
by March 9, 2007.

The meeting convened at 2:31 p.m. by Paul Pusecker.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Burt Wilson 9
Trudy Riley 2 Barry Miller  10
Christina Mason Johnston 4 Doris Miklitz 11
Gereald Hendricks 5 Suzanne Stanley 12
Maria Mullin 6 Cyndi Jumper 13
Daniel Bailey 7 Deborah Cohen 14

Members Excused: Patricia Grim #3
Members Absent: Michael Parisi #8
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Richie Holland, Thomas LaPenta, Ryan Allen, Julie Skeen


The November 2006 minutes were approved as written.

Constituent Concerns

Ms. Stanley expressed a concern about the delay in reimbursement of flexible spending account (FSA) claims. Mr. Holland explained that UD processes its own claims and three weeks is standard. Ms. Stanley noted that the claim procedure on the Benefits Web site indicates a much shorter turnaround time and is misleading. Mr. Holland will review the online wording for clarity.

Mr. Pusecker asked why UDaily highlights local, non-University-related, crimes. Dr. Colm likened such reports to the truth-in-advertising policy; if crimes occur relatively close by, they are reported. The university community should be made aware of such occurrences for its safety. She noted that the on-campus safety record is good, with the escort service being very effective.

Mr. Pusecker reported concerns from several employees who were unable to secure escort services from their worksites to their residences at the Apartments at Pine Brook during the winter session when buses were not running. Public Safety informed them that Pine Brook was beyond its designated perimeter. Employees finding themselves in similar circumstances in the future may want to consider carpooling as a resolution.

Committee Reports

The Dining Committee Report from December 8, 2006 was presented by Barry Miller.

The Dining Committee Report

The faculty/staff dining committee met on 12/8 at the Bleecker Street Café in the Library Commons. Present were three Representatives from Dining that included the Director - Sue Bogan,
Debbi Miller - Dietitian, and Ken Chadwick - Director of Retail Operations. They provided an update on the retail locations of Bleecker Street, Trabant, Scrounge, the various Carts, and the Markets.

Bleecker Street: fairly new and has been received very well.  It’s themed and designed after a café in New York on Bleecker Street.  The food is very good and the coffee is quite popular all day long.

Trabant: a somewhat recent addition was the Sushi station and it has been quite popular.
Markets: Scoops - Ice Cream was added at the Towers and has been a hit.  The various markets are now carrying pints of selected flavors.
Scrounge: added a Diner Theme due to some market research and seems to be doing okay.

Dining services conducts a survey every 2 years to get feedback on its operations.  Several items have come out of these surveys besides those mentioned above.  There is an International Week, a Taster’s Table, Recipes from Home, Guest Chef, and Premium Dinners included throughout the year at the various residence hall dining facilities.  It seems that students are now going on line to see where they’d like to dine that day based on the various offerings available!

Dining services also conducts a “competitive price analysis” for each type of food offered at the various locations.  These figures are compared to those on Main Street and other local vendors and our prices are very competitive, with our quality generally a little better.  When asked what they considered to be their “strengths”, Dining Services staff replied: 1)  variety, 2) flexibility, and 3) price/value.  They felt some untapped opportunities were to improve the number of employees utilizing the various offerings.

The annual “Soup Tasting” is scheduled for the January/February timeframe.     


Mr. Holland introduced Ryan Allen, Human Resources intern.
Mr. Holland announced that Ms. Riley has transferred to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research but will continue as PAC representative through June.
Mr. Holland noted that the Excellence in Service Program and the Annual Performance Appraisal Process would be announced shortly in UDaily, and a United Way “Thank You” reception would be held on January 22.

Mr. Miller noted that HealthyU will go online soon.

The meeting adjourned at 3:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Julie Skeen

Reviewed by Burt Wilson, Secretary, PAC


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