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Minutes November 2, 2005

Agenda items for the January 11, 2006 meeting need to be submitted to Theresa DeRose
by January 6, 2006.

The meeting convened at 2:38 p.m. by Paul Pusecker, President, PAC.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Paul Pusecker 1 Theresa DeRose 8
Pat Grim 3 Burt Wilson 9
Gerald Hendricks 5 Sue Groff 10
Chris Murphy 6 Doris Miklitz 11
Daniel Bailey 7 Mary Jo Mankin 12


Excused: Trudy Riley, district #2, Kristine Ritz-Coll, district #4.
Alternates: Kathie Troutman #6.
Absent: Cindy Panchisin and Melissa Scott.
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Thomas LaPenta, Nancy Wallace, Chris Ulrich, and Lynn Brock.


The September minutes were approved.

Guest Speakers

Leslie Kling, Graduate Assistant, UD Wellness Center provided the following wellness report including an overview of various programs: Health Screenings, $10 wellness dollars (important for prevention measures); Express Workout Demo, $10 wellness dollars (getting a good workout in ten minutes); 11/17/05 Great American Smoke-out; 11/30/05 Do you know your numbers by heart? Diagnosis of hypertension, exercise and nutrition; 12/8/05 Take your Holidays from Distress to DE-Stress, $10 wellness dollars. Employee Wellness Center website is

Cecily Sawyer-Harmon, Coordinator, Faculty and Staff Assistance, discussed the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program and available services for employees. They include but are not limited to - conflict management, elder care, mental health, management of personal issues, substance abuse case management, etc. Mediation is also offered for workplace conflict where some of the tools used include interviewing, two person dialogues, all day retreats, and individual counseling. Circle dialogue is another often used mediation method where individuals sit down in an informal way and begin each session with a ritual. Ms. Harmon stressed that it is important to have periodic follow-ups after counseling or else individuals tend to revert to their old behaviors. All information shared with Faculty and Staff Assistance is held confidential. Additional information is available on the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program website -

Nancy Wallace, Director, Human Resources and Christine Ulrich, Manager, Human Resources updated PAC members on the expected changes in the Short and Long-term Group Disability program for employees enrolled in the State Employees’ Pension Plan. Ms. Wallace stated that this change, which does not affect the professional staff, will be effective January 1, 2006. Information sessions are scheduled to be held at Trabant Multi-Purpose rooms on November 10th and 14th. Decisions will be irrevocable after January 1, 2006.

Burt Wilson inquired as to why someone would not switch to the new plan? Nancy Wallace replied that if someone has thirty years of service or less, then they certainly should make a change in their disability plan coverage.

Paul Pusecker asked how FMLA fit in with the short term disability. Tom LaPenta replied that these programs run independently.

The new 2006 Prescription Drug Formulary with additions/deletions was shared with PAC Members.

Gerald Hendricks inquired as to why there are fixed co-pays instead of a percentage charge? Christine Ulrich answered that this a State administrative decision.


Faculty Senate minutes from 9/12/05 and 10/10/05 were presented by Gerald Hendricks; he noted that Faculty Senate meetings are web cast.

Faculty Senate Meeting, September 12, 2005
Provost Rich opened the meeting by thanking the senators for their service and announcing Tom Apple as the new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He further stated that 48 new faculty were hired last year, and that this year’s freshman class of 3529 is the most academically qualified and diverse class ever enrolled at UD. Over 5000 graduate applications were received last year with current graduate students accounting for 18% of the total student enrolment. Sixteen students affected by Hurricane Katrina have been accepted for enrollment.
Announcements by Faculty Senate President Abraham
1. Executive Committee introduced.
2. Proposals for multicultural course approval are due by Oct 1. An online form for program changes will be available soon. forums sponsored by Legal Studies and AAUP will be held on Sept 29.
3. Candlelight ceremony will be held on the Green in memory of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
4. No consent agenda or resolutions offered.

General Faculty Meeting, October 10, 2005
Memorial Tributes:
James Oliver gave a tribute for LeRoy Bennett and Yi-Chun Chang, Department of Political Science and International Relations
Eleanor Craig gave a tribute for Harry Hutchinson, Department of Economics
Jack Vinson gave a tribute for Ib Svendsen
and Irv Greenfield, College of Engineering
President Roselle Remarks
Added a tribute to Mary Hempel who was the driving force behind the acquisition of the Paul Jones Collection. It has created a source of pride for both the University and its students and has resulted in a significant increase in minority applications.
Construction Update
George Read Hall is open, the first of three new dormitories to replace the Pencader complex. It is a $72 million project housing over 1000 beds. Each will be named for the three signers of the Declaration of Independence who were graduates of UD’s first class.
The $48 million Center for the Arts should be completed by Spring 2006. It will include performance spaces and a practice room large enough for the 350 member Marching Band.
The Foreign Languages and Literature building being created by joining two former fraternity houses will house 62 faculty offices, language labs, conference space and grad student offices. The vacated offices in Smith Hall will then be renovated for use by the Computer Sciences Department.
The $7.5 million Carvel Research and Education Center in Georgetown was made possible by a $2 million donation from Elbert and Ann Carvel. $4 million was contributed by the State.
Other projects include the renovation of Brown Lab and a new fountain in Magnolia Circle.
President Roselle then reflected on the progress made toward goals he originally set for his administration in 1990.
Three needs were identified:
1. Make compensation competitive with peer institutions
2. Increase scholarships and fellowships
3. Improve physical plant to create an appropriate living and learning environment
1. Faculty salary has risen 23% adjusted for CPI, putting UD near top of Carnegie Category 1 schools in the Mid Atlantic
2. Scholarships have tripled
3. Almost all buildings have been renovated, and we currently spend 2% of total value of the campus annually on maintenance.
“Good” income has steaily increased. Grants and Contracts have risen from $39 mil to $140 mil, Gifts from $11 mil to $45, and the Endowment has grown from $368 mil to $1.28 billion, earning 4.9%/yr.
In 1990, 1 of 4 employees were faculty, now 1 of 3 are faculty members. Staff levels and student population growth has been limited. Staff has become more productive, and students better qualified.

Faculty Senate Meeting, October 10, 2005
Provost Rich Remarks
An Educational Assessment Council on has been formed to complete a Periodic Review Report by late fall. It is a self study review being conducted 5 years after a full review was performed by Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The report will try to determine the goals of the Faculty before others do it for us.
Senate Faculty President Abraham Announcements
Plan to conduct a review of the standing committee dealing with Undergraduate Studies and Student Life
Consent Agenda
Approved the transfer of the Department of Geology from the College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Marine Studies.
The transfer creates a college dedicated to both marine and geological studies, and adds an undergraduate component to marine studies.
A motion was offered to refer the resolution to an ad hoc committee for further study, but both units had voted unanimously for the merger, so the transfer passed with none opposed.

Commission to Promote Racial and Cultural Diversity report will be presented by Trudy Riley at the January, 2006 PAC meeting.


No announcements.

Constituent Concerns

Paul Pusecker’s constituent inquired as to why a gated lot was not open for Newark Community Days; noting that they thought that the gates were opened in the past and wondered if they could be open for future Newark Community Days. Doris Miklitz will check into this.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Lynn Brock

Reviewed by Theresa DeRose, Secretary, PAC


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