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Minutes March 8, 2006

Agenda items for the May 10, 2006 meeting need to be submitted to Theresa DeRose
by May 1, 2006.

The meeting convened at 2:31 p.m. by Thomas LaPenta.

PAC members present were:
Member District Member District
Kristine Ritz-Coll 4 Sue Groff 10
Gerald Hendricks 5 Doris Miklitz 11
Chris Murphy 6 Mary Jo Mankin 12
Daniel Bailey 7

Members Excused: Paul Pusecker #1, Trudy Riley #2, Theresa DeRose #8, Burt Wilson #9,
Melissa Scott #14
Alternates: Sharon Bathon #14
Members Absent: Patricia Grim #3
Visitors: Sandra Tilford, Alumni Relations
Others Present: Maxine Colm, Richie Holland, Thomas LaPenta, Julie Skeen


The January 2006 minutes were approved as written.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Michael Middaugh, Director of Institutional Research and Planning, discussed briefly a survey that was completed in 1995 to determine employee satisfaction and campus climate. He stated that it is now time to conduct a similar survey. A new instrument has been developed which addresses satisfaction with the University’s work environment. Upon approval by senior staff, the survey will be made available in a Web-based version in late March or early April. Hard copies of the survey will be provided to hourly employees. He noted that a hard copy will also be available on request to any employee who prefers that format. Dr. Middaugh indicated that the Web-based survey may take 10 to 15 minutes for completion and must be completed in one sitting. The survey results will be reported to PAC. Dr. Middaugh suggested that members send him an e-mail with any questions they may have.

Constituent Concerns

A constituent of Ms. Groff reported having a problem with the limited parking at the Carpenter Sports Center. Dr. Colm noted that additional parking is available at the nearby Hollingsworth lot (Lot #19) since student parking has been restricted in that lot. James Grimes, Public Safety, reports that in '04-'05 there were 300 spaces allocated to resident students. In '05-'06 there are 200 spaces allocated to resident students. There are a total of 506 spaces in Lot #19.

Ms. Groff’s constituent reported that maintenance mechanics are parking their University vehicles in the gold lot behind Pierson Hall, then entering their personal vehicles parked in the same lot to leave campus. Mr. LaPenta noted that this complaint has been raised in the past, as some constituents have considered this an abuse of parking privileges. In an earlier response, Mr. LaPenta said that these employees are paying customers and are exercising their parking rights.

Ms. Groff asked if a salary compensation study for Intercollegiate Athletics is planned. Dr. Colm said she was unaware of any such study as were Messrs. LaPenta and Holland.

Mr. Hendricks asked why Presidents’ Day was not a UD holiday. Mr. LaPenta replied that UD “leads the league” in holidays, and, since so many days off are sanctioned around the end of the year, observance of an additional holiday in February is not feasible.

Excellence in Service Award Program

Mr. Holland outlined this new award program which will recognize the outstanding contributions of professional and salaried staff. The program is budgeted for up to six awards of $2,500 each in any one year. Awardees will be selected by a committee comprised of PAC, SSAC and HRAC members as appointed by the Vice President for Administration. Full details of the program and submission forms can be accessed at Nominations for 2006 awards will be accepted through March. Nominations received after March 31 will be considered for the following year’s awards. Dr. Colm noted that this award is broader in concept and scope than the former Merit Award and emphasized the importance of providing supporting documentation. Mr. Holland also stressed that nominees must be permanent, full time employees.

Performance Appraisal Process

Mr. Holland reminded the group that the appraisal process is currently underway and should be completed before April 28, 2006. He stressed the importance of meeting personally with employees during the review. Mr. Holland also noted that he and Mr. LaPenta are available for consultation on difficult appraisals.

Committee Reports

Faculty Senate minutes from 2/6/06 and 3/6/06 were presented by Gerald Hendricks.

Faculty Senate Meeting February 6, 2006

Provost Rich reported on an academic roadmap being developed entitled “A Commitment to Delawareans” targeted toward middle school students. Stating, “If Delawareans do these things and do them well, there will be a place for them at UD.”
The document provides detailed requirements, and emphasizes that the path to college begins in middle school. When completed, it will be available on the web, and distributed to Delaware schools.

Director of Admissions, Lou Hirsh noted the rising level of competition among high school students. His hope is that this document will encourage high schools to offer more honors courses, since the admission requirements include completing two honors courses. He also is concerned about high school seniors who coast their final year, leaving them unprepared for the rigors of college.

More than 21,000 applications have been submitted for fall enrollment, and every one will be read and evaluated. 92 % of Delaware applicants are accepted. For some, the Associate in Arts Program is recommended with the option of later transferring to the main campus. Out of state students are almost always well qualified, so factors for admission include special talents, life experiences, overcoming adversity, first generation students, and interesting combinations of academic experience.

Hirsh also noted that 340 more Freshman were admitted this past year compared to 15 years ago, and the increase was all from in-state students.

All 11 items on the Consent Agenda were adopted.

Faculty Senate Meeting March 6, 2006

Provost Rich opened the meeting with an introduction of the Periodic Review Report being completed for the Middle States Review.

He noted that accreditation is a means of self regulation and peer review, which minimizes external control. The accreditation review is conducted every 10 years, with the last being held in 2001. A midpoint report is required to both address any deficiencies found in the review and to anticipate where we are going. No deficiencies were found that required attention, but nine suggestions were offered.

Vice Provost Gempesaw continued noting that UD’s self review was being used as a model by other Universities. The process has had to adapt to a few new criterion such as Assessment requirements.

The report will be posted on the web by next week, and all Senators were encouraged to provide comments.

A Consent Agenda of 18 items were adopted without challenge.

A resolution offered to revise the Harassment policy also passed without dissent. A presentation by Jan Blits reiterated that the policy is not a speech code, but only prohibits unlawful acts. He noted that the amended policy addresses several concerns that had been expressed during the original discussion last spring. The revised policy codified the process, added that any investigation should be concluded within 30 days and that confidentiality will be protected at every step.

Parking Advisory Board Report

Meeting of February 17, 2006
Jim Flatley, Director of Public Safety, brought the meeting to order. Members of the board include Jim Grimes, Public Safety, Doris Miklitz, Library, (PAC Representative), Mayra Focht, Library (SSAC Representative), Tom Lapenta, Labor Relations, Al Roberson, Treasurer’s Office, David Bellamy, Mathematical Sciences, (AAUP Representative), Eugene Taylor and Judi Bell, Facilities, (AFSCME Representatives). The student representative had been invited but did not appear.

After introductions, Jim Flatley handed the floor to Jim Grimes to bring the group up to date.
• Gain in parking on Laird Campus across from the hotel with addition of a 38-space lot.
• 16 spaces added along drive by George Read Hall.
• The new parking garage has been in operation approximately one year. 70 employee gate spaces are available; 250 student spaces are available there. Ongoing evaluation will continue as the Center for the Arts opens to monitor needs.
• E-Park Citations on the Web. Site now available for people to pay parking tickets online.
• Rate of collection on outstanding tickets for guest violators is 17%.
• Parking Appeals Committee needs student representatives.
• Also looking for other volunteers for Parking Appeals Committee.
Constituent Concerns
• AAUP/Faculty sees a continued need for free employee parking.
• On West Campus, especially during move-in/move-out, there is a need for spaces for emergency call-in custodial staff. A suggested solution is to park remotely and use the Escort Service during off hours.
• Lack of Service Vehicle spaces at north end of George Read Hall. Reason is lack of space as it’s designated as Fire Lane. Spaces are available at other areas around the building for service personnel. This developed into a discussion of Service Vehicle Passes in general and their use or abuse. At one time, over 300 passes were issued. That number is cut in half and there is more strict enforcement on their distribution and use.
• Debate on the status of the “gray patron lot” on South Campus. It is used for football patrons; at all other times it really is a Gold Lot. Signage there is not clear and thus, who is permitted to park there when gates are open is not clear. The gates close at night, so this area is not available 24 hours.

Some further discussion ensued about the parking load on campus. Jim Grimes explained that the Hollingsworth lot (at North College & Cleveland Aves.) is the overflow lot for students living on East or West Campus. They pay a higher rate than Gold permit to park there.

Upcoming Business:
Budget & Permit Rates: Fuel costs will affect rates in the coming year. The Board is waiting for figures from the transportation section. Parking permits and fines fund the shuttle service, paving and maintenance of lots and debt service on the parking garages.
Meeting adjourned and agreed to meet again on March 2, 2006 at noon.

Meeting of March 2, 2006
The meeting came to order promptly shortly after 12:00pm. Present were: Jim Flatley, Jim Grimes, Al Roberson, Paul Bellamy (AAUP), Mayra Focht (SSAC), Doris Miklitz (PAC), and John Cordrey (DUSC). Tom Lapenta and AFSCME representatives were absent.
As a result of the prior meeting, two service vehicle spaces will be added to north campus, one of which will be a 24 hr space. If custodians get ticketed in a 24 hour service vehicle space, their tickets will be waived. Public Safety keeps records of emergency call-ins to corroborate events.
Constituent Concerns:
Ms. Miklitz brought forth an inquiry regarding a lack of motorcycle parking in the vicinity of Amy Dupont Music Building and the Center for the Arts. Motorcycles are not permitted in the garages. The individual had contacted Public Safety but they had no answer at the time.
Jim Grimes responded that there will be a surface lot at the south or west side of the Center for the Arts. Details are not yet clear, however, perhaps there are possibilities for motorcycle spaces there. Nothing has been committed. He also noted that Lot #16 near Conover Apartments should have some spaces.
Jim Flatley presented the budget for review and discussion. He noted that income from the parking garages has fallen short of projections. The “Center for the Arts” garage consistently has vacancies and the Trabant garage often fills up during peak times.
The projected budget for the transportation department is over $1.2 million, debt service is over $1.3 million. Permit fee increases will be 3.5% across the board for FY 2007.

Type FY 2006 FY 2007
Blue Free Free
Red 90.00 93.00
Gold 275.00 285.00
Resident Student 385.00400.00
Gate Lot 413.00428.00
7-5 Reserved 975.00 1,010.00
24 Hr. Reserved 1,270.00 1,315.00
Student Gate 568.00 588.00
Motorcycle 53.00 55.00

Fees for additional vehicle will go from $3.00 to $5.00. The $3.00 fee has been in effect since 1979. The parking rate in the garages will increase from $0.55/half hour to $0.60/half hour. However, the group discussed the rate structure and how it could perhaps be changed to improve on the revenue stream and still create an incentive to use the garages, remain competitive, etc.


Mr. Holland stated the Annual Benefits Fair will be held on May 9 in the Trabant University Center.

Meeting adjourned at 3:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Julie Skeen

Reviewed by Sue Groff #10


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