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Transferring Out


Procedures for Transferring out of ELI

  1. Complete your ELI Departure Form. You will receive the Departure Form in your Listening/Speaking class at the beginning of the last week of the session. On the form, you must write the name of the school to which you want to transfer. You will not be transferred if we have not received your departure form.
  2. Check with the ELI Financial Office ( to make sure that you have paid all monies owed to the university.
  3. ELI will check your eligibility for transfer
  4. Complete the online transfer-out form at
  5. When our office has received approval from ELI to transfer your record, you will be released.

Important notes about transferring out:

  • OISS will no longer accept any paper forms. Students are required to use the transfer-out link above.
  • As long as you are eligible, your transfer will be completed by the first week of the next ELI’s session.
  • You must upload a completed transfer form from the new school and acceptance letter. Without these documents, we cannot authorize your transfer.
  • Once you transfer to another school, you cannot change your mind. If you do change your mind, it is your responsibility to contact the first school and transfer to your desired school.
  • The school listed on your departure form must match the school into which you are transferring. If they do not match, you must complete a new departure form and show it to ELI.
  • You have only 60 days to transfer to a new school after you complete ELI. It is your responsibility to make plans and transfer before your time is up.

* If you have been dismissed from the ELI, you only have 21 days to transfer out. After this period, your I-20 is terminated.

If you have any questions about transferring, please make an appointment with Courtney at OISS. You can send her an email at

Procedures for Transferring out for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

To be eligible to transfer to another DHS-approved school, students must be maintaining valid F-1 or J-1 status. Students must transfer their immigration status within the 60 days (for F-1s) or 30 days (for J-1s) grace period following successful completion of the current program of study or period of authorized Optional Practical Training (F-1s) or Academic Training (J-1s).
Students intending to transfer prior to completion of their program should request the transfer prior to their last date of attendance at UD. Speak with an international student advisor to determine the transfer release date.
You must begin your study at the new school no later than 5 months after the date of your last attendance at UD.

Note for Graduate Students: You must officially withdraw from your program before a transfer will be completed on your behalf.

Transfer procedures

Please complete the International Request to Transfer Out Form online.

You will need to upload the following documents to the online form. Please note that OISS will no longer accept paper forms or letters of acceptance:

  • Written confirmation of your acceptance by another SEVIS-certified school.
  • Transfer form from your new school showing the SEVIS school code (F-1) or program code (J-1) and the contact information for the transfer-in school

Travel during the transfer process

The student must reenter the United States with a Form I-20/DS-2019 for the school that holds his or her active or initial record. We recommend that you time your travel and transfer to allow enough time for the new school to issue your new I-20/DS-2019. Transfers must be completed before you leave the US.