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Terra Dotta

American Culture

American culture can be greatly attributed to the nature of the country's development. Relatively youthful in its history, most Americans descend from immigrants from all over the world who have been building the country for the past 400 years. While their cultures, religions and values may have been different, their reasons for coming to America were and continue to be very similar. For this reason, American culture is extremely unique, driven by the desire for progression, the value of hard work, and a strong sense of individualism. It is a culture that must be strong to tie together such a diverse group of people.

The explanations below are generalizations, and may not apply to everyone you meet. Rather, they should give you an idea of what drives the behaviors and attitudes you may find as you peruse your own goals in American culture.


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Additional Resources

The following resources are helpful for students, scholars, staff and faculty of all nationalities interested in exploring cross-cultural communication worldwide.

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