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Signature Programs

Office for International Students and Scholars

Throughout the academic year, OISS plans and organizes a series of programs and activities that are dedicated to international students and scholars at the University of Delaware. Getting involved in these programs can help international visitors in their adjustment to the U.S. culture and academic success at the University. By participating in these programs, you will learn about important information pertaining to your stay in the US as well as find opportunities to make friends and build connections on campus and in the community. Below is a list of signature programs that we hope you will join.

OISS also supports various registered international student organizations throughout the year in their programming efforts to promote international understanding and intercultural awareness on campus. Find an organization that you may be interested in joining here.

A complete list of events and workshops is available on the OISS Calendar of Events.

Weekly International Coffee Hour

The International Coffee Hour is a weekly social event that brings international and domestic students and scholars together to share and learn about different cultures from around the world. This event, hosted by the Office for International Students and Scholars, takes place every Friday during the fall and spring semesters from 4 to 6 PM at Old College Hall.

It is a great place to make friends, practice your language, learn about different cultures, and enjoy a FREE cup of coffee (or tea)! Bring a friend or your family. Everybody is invited! We hope to see you soon.

International Coffee Hour
Date: Every Friday (during fall and spring semesters)
Time: 4 to 6 PM
Location: Old College Hall (18 E. Main Street)

See more information about coffee hour here

Interested in Sponsoring a Coffee Hour?

UD offices and departments interested in sponsoring one of OISS's International Coffee Hour events should contact the programming team at for more information. Registered student organizations are highly encouraged to participate.


Become an OISS Volunteer!

A great way to be involved and make new friends is through the many volunteering opportunities available at OISS. Help at the International Student Orientation programs, serve on an intercultural communication panel, become an interpreter, or simply assist with any of the great programs that OISS organizes every semester as a way to share your experiences with new and continuing international students and scholars at UD.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, or to sign up to become an OISS volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page.


OISS International Student Essay Contest

The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS), in collaboration with the Division of Student Life, hosts an annual international student essay contest, open to all international students at the University of Delaware. The purpose of this contest is to give interested applicants an opportunity to tell their stories and share their experiences of being an international student with the larger University community. Everyone has a story. Tell us yours for a chance to win $750!

For more information on essay topic, the submission process, and past winners, please visit:

Career Foundations Series

OISS, in collaboration with the Career Services Center, is pleased to announce the Career Foundation Series, a set of programs and workshops designed to help international students in their job search strategies and networking with prospective employers. Workshop are offered every semester and include topics such as Resume Building, Communication Skills, Immigration & Employment, and Networking Skills for International Students.

A complete list of workshops is available on the OISS Calendar of Events. Please make sure you REGISTER for each program that you wish to attend.

Current Workshops

Resume Building for International Students
Your resume is often the first impression you give a prospective employer. Learn how the structure and content of your resume can help set you apart from other candidates.

Job Search Strategies for International Students
Searching for a job can be daunting. This session will focus on strategies to help you target great employers and opportunities.

Communication Skills for International Students
Bow, shake hands, or kiss? Your verbal, written and non-verbal communication skills can help you or hurt you when you are in the workplace, or searching for a job. Learn what and what not to do to be professional and gain the respect of prospective employers and coworkers in the United States.

Immigration & Employment Workshop
This workshop will give you insight into the complexities of work as it relates to your immigration status. We will focus on on-campus, and off-campus work in the forms of CPT and OPT.

Networking Skills for International Students
Sometimes the contacts you make can be as important as the jobs you take. Learn how to make the most of your professional network and distinguish yourself from others in your field.

Networking Reception with Prospective Employers
Exclusive This culminating session provides a chance for session participants to put their new skills to work by mingling with employers who have historically hired UD international students. Dress your best, bring your resume, and build your network!

International Student Discussion Series

International students face unique challenges living and learning in a new culture. Don't face these challenges alone. OISS has partnered up with the Center for Counseling and Student Development to host a discussion series throughout the year. Please come join us for some snacks, discussions, and community-building. Our sessions are an easy way to meet other people, to practice and improve your English, and to learn strategies and resources that will ease your adaptation to U.S. culture.

All international students and scholars are invited to attend. Please check the OISS Calendar of Events for more details and a complete list of programs and discussion series.

Topics Include:

  • Getting Started at UD
  • Making Friends in the US
  • Thriving in the US Classroom
  • Communicating with Americans: Cultural Variations of Assertiveness
  • Romantic Relationships and Dating
  • Stress Management
  • Coping and Managing Expectations from home
  • Wellness: What Every International Student Should Know
  • Job Searching in the US

Your Newark: A Brown Bag Series

The University of Delaware's International Caucus in collaboration with the Office for International Students and Scholars present the Brown Bag series: Your Newark.

The University of Delaware and the City of Newark have a breadth of services to help you feel at home in the US. As a global community, UD and the City of Newark welcome you and your family as new members and hopes to serve you soon!

Program Topics Include:

  • Fall Welcome Reception with guests from around campus
    Join us for an evening meet-and-greet with the University's most internationally invested and culturally
    minded. Join other scholars as well as students as we welcome you into our community.
  • Managing your Healthcare with the Nurse Managed Health Center
    Learn to navigate the complicated world of healthcare. We will discuss your options for healthcare, as well as those for your family members. Insurance topics will also be covered.
  • Your Newark: Community Services and Resources with City Councilman Andrew Haines
    From childcare options to great food to social and family events, Newark has it all. Learn what Newark can do for you! Come with questions for this presentation and interactive discussion with City Councilman Andrew Haines.
  • Learning the Lingo: Tips for learning and using colloquial English and Idioms
    It may come as a shock that the English we speak in the US is different from what you may have expected. What gives? Native speakers use idioms frequently, but picking them up is really a walk on the beach! Join us and take your English to the next level.
  • Group Field Trip: Longwood Gardens
    Join us on an amazing trip to Longwood Gardens. Nestled in peaceful Chester County, Pennsylvania, hundreds of indoor and outdoor gardens span over 1,000 acres. In late Fall, the garden grounds transform into a wonderful spectacle of lights and music. We welcome you and your family to join us on this trip.

A complete list of events and workshops is available the OISS Calendar of Events.