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Hosting a J1 Visiting Scholar

Japanese Ambassador

When bringing foreign nationals to campus, it is strongly recommended for UD Departments to contact OISS as early in the process as possible. To assure there will be no delay in the start of the program, please submit the request and supporting documents to OISS at least six (6) weeks prior to the desired program start date.

Please note that immigration regulations are subject to change and can vary depending on your particular case or situation. Always consult an OISS advisor for the most accurate information. OISS is here to help you and your visitors navigate the immigration process.

A Visiting Scholar on a J-1 Visa

Academic departments interested in hosting an exchange visitor must submit the following to the OISS at least six weeks prior to the requested start of the visiting scholar’s program at the University:
1.   DS-2019 Request Form for J-1 Visiting Scholars
2.    A copy of the UD offer letter with start and end date of the program as well as any funding provided by the university.
3.    Proof of funding (if UD is not funding the scholar)
4.    Export Control Certification for J-1 Visiting Scholars signed by the Research Office. This is required for all J-1 scholar requests.
5.    Department Authorization Form (if the dept. is paying the International Service Fee) or Payroll Deduction
6.   A completed FedEx or DHL International Air bill to ship the immigration documents to the scholar
7.   A copy of the applicant passport ID page

Once all required documents are received, OISS will prepare a DS-2019 Form (“Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status”) and send it to the exchange visitor along with instructions on paying the SEVIS fee and applying for a visa at a U.S. consulate. Consular processing times vary by country and city.