Volunteer Opportunities

Victim Advocates with SOS (Sexual Offense Support)
Victims of sexual assault have a wonderful resource at UD in the group SOS. Comprised of students and employees, these specially-trained volunteers are given the resources to help victims in need of support in times of crisis. Applications are accepted in the fall, followed by interviews. Training of the new class of victim advocates typically happens in January. All members of the community (including men, members of the LGBT community, faculty, staff, and Newark residents) are invited to apply and get involved.

For more information about SOS, click www.udel.edu/wellspring/sos.

Volunteers with the Office of Student Conduct
The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for promoting a campus environment that supports the educational mission of the University, protecting the campus from disruption and harm, and encouraging appropriate standards of individual and group behavior. The day to day function involves adjudicating violations of the Code of Conduct and holding students and groups responsible for their behavior.

Approximately 2000 student conduct cases are processed annually. Campus volunteers assist in the student conduct process by serving in volunteer roles including appellate board members, advisors, hearing officers, and workshop facilitators.

Training is provided.  For more information about these opportunities, please contact the Office of Student Conduct, 831-2117, or student-conduct@udel.edu

Professional & Salaried Staff Advisory Councils
The purpose of the Councils, which are an elected and representative body, are to develop and facilitate communications between the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration and the staff. The organization for the PAC and SSAC is based on 14 geographical districts. Each district is represented on the Councils by an individual elected by the staff in the districts.

For more information about these councils and to run for election, visit www.udel.edu/pac-ssac.  

Alumni Relations
They say “Once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen!” The Office of Alumni Relations is continually seeking volunteers from its alumni base – some of whom are employees of the university – for various programs and activities. What a great way to stay connected with friends! For more information, visit www.udconnection.com/get-involved.

Supplier Diversity

We’re growing. This page isn’t ready yet.

Employee Mentors

We’re growing. This page isn’t ready yet.


The Office of Equity and Inclusion’s (OEI) mission is to provide leadership and support in creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive working and learning environment for all in our community. OEI is responsible for Title IX, non- discrimination, affirmative action policies and compliance, university diversity initiatives, and on-going education to the campus community in all of these areas. OEI provides support and resources for complainants during grievance procedures and assists with informal mediation and problem-solving of issues.