OEI Strategic Plan:

The Office of Equity Inclusion has specific goals in mind to increase awareness and knowledge about diversity and inclusion. Below is a summary of those goals.

  1. Welcoming Climate: Value diversity in the workplace by making it an integral and ongoing part of campus life through educational programming, awareness through communications, and working closely with the nine affinity caucuses.
  2. Ensuring Equity, Inclusion and Representation: Increase diversity in the workforce amongst professional and salaried staff by working with unit managers to develop a succession plan in their respective units to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment; to continue to work with HR Recruitment on affirmative action compliance; and to educate those responsible for hiring and managing about the intentional and unintentional bias that can limit opportunities for people because of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion recognize and reward those who make contributions to a welcoming, equitable environment.
  3. Monitoring the Future and Assuring Accountability and Institutional Vitality: Working closely with the Vice Provost for Diversity on campus diversity efforts; work with our caucus leaders, as part of the diversity network on campus, to work towards our common goals of diversity; and encourage and educate departments, via frequent communications and reminders, to reward leaders who are increasing diversity through the performance evaluation process. OEI will be one of the places on UD’s campus where an employee can have a confidential conversation with the OEI staff about an issue they are having in the workplace. OEI can provide the employee with information about policies, processes as well as provide information about resources to assist the individual in seeking a resolution.
  4. Ensure that the university is in compliance with all Title IX requirements in all of our programs and activities per federal regulations, including athletics.


The Office of Equity and Inclusion’s (OEI) mission is to provide leadership and support in creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive working and learning environment for all in our community. OEI is responsible for Title IX, non- discrimination, affirmative action policies and compliance, university diversity initiatives, and on-going education to the campus community in all of these areas. OEI provides support and resources for complainants during grievance procedures and assists with informal mediation and problem-solving of issues.