October 14, 2020

To the UD Community,

As we face multiple challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic at the University of Delaware, it is important for everyone in the UD community to have a shared understanding of the implications of these challenges, along with operational initiatives in progress to position the institution for success going forward.

In particular, we want to continue to ensure transparency regarding the financial stability of the University. The information made available on this website is intended to provide greater context around decision-making affecting our institution and bring clarity to financial management, personnel and relevant matters associated with data reporting.

As UD confronted the onset of the pandemic earlier in the year, we were fortunate that we began from a position of fiscal strength, with solid financial stewardship, record fundraising efforts, progressive research momentum and collaborative agility to both educate and innovate. Attention to the institution’s financial health requires necessary mitigation measures to further reduce risk and revenue loss. As shared in previous communications, this applies to all relevant investments; allocation of human, financial and infrastructural resources; expenditures; and strategic planning.

Efforts to ensure operational and academic excellence will continue. We are optimistic about a spring semester that will move us closer to the restoration of a more normal rhythm of activity on the UD campus, pending progress in combatting the coronavirus and successful health and safety compliance.

In the meantime, please keep yourselves and our community healthy and safe, knowing that our commitment to the University’s operational and financial health remains steadfast. Thank you for all you do to make UD an outstanding University, one we know we will all be proud of for many years to come.


signature of President Dennis Assanis signature of Chairman John Cochran

Dennis Assanis

John R. Cochran
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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