University of Delaware


Fundamentals of Physics I

Maurice Barnhill

Last revised 1999/09/10

This is the brief version of the home page for PHYS207 Honors, the honors section of the first semester of the calculus-based introductory-physics course. The course will cover introductory mechanics based on Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, Fundamentals of Physics, fifth edition. These pages contain material from the Fall of 1999.

For specific information about the course, see Policies and General Information. For a version without frames, see Policies and General Information 2. The frames version is prettier and easier to navigate; the nonframes version gives direct access to the contents pages of the fancier version.

It is possible to arrange for an honors-section student to take a regular-section laboratory, but the honors discussion section is required.

What is different about the Honors section:

  1. I use the appropriate mathematics for a given topic, even if you haven't gotten to it in math classes [rare, happily]. If I use any math that you haven't seen, tell me immediately, and I will go over it until everyone is satisfied that they understand it.

  2. We will go into much of the physics at greater depth than I would attempt in a regular class.

  3. I will spend an average of half a lecture a week talking about topics in current science, as often as possible something which has become known within the last few months. You will not be held responsible for this material on exams. If you would like for me to talk about something in particular, ask me; if your question is not in a field I know I will do my best to learn enough about it to explain it. Occasionally I may ask other people from the Department of Physics and Astronomy to talk about things of special interest to them.

Policies and General Information [frames] Policies and General Information [no frames].