MEDT 401

Protein review 2                                                                                           Name_____________________________________

DIRECTIONS: You can use your notes, but do this independently. You will need to download this and turn it in.

Indicate whether each of the following factors affects the direction of movement (D) , rate of movement (R) , or both (B), of a protein band during an electrophoresis run.

Buffer pH _________________________

Ionic strength of the buffer ____________________________

Time allowed for the electrophoresis run ________________________

Matrix used for the electrophoresis _____________________________

These are the serum protein electrophoresis patterns of six patients (a through f) . The bottom pattern is the "normal" pattern. Identify the anode and cathode sides. Identify albumin, each of the globulins (alpha 1, alpha 2, beta and gamma), the application point and the direction of migration. Which pattern would be consistent with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma (monoclonal gammopathy)…EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING!