MEDT 360/380 Clinical Immunology
& Medical Virology


Course Goals

Immunology is the study of immunity to diseases. Clinical Immunology is based on the detection of antigen-antibody complexes. Detection of these complexes commonly involves: 1) precipitation; 2) agglutination; or 3) the binding of labelled antibody (or antigen). Usually, the specimen is patient serum (hence the term "serology"), and the clinical laboratory scientist tests for the presence of antibodies which may indicate a particular disease. In addition, "serological" or immunological techniques can be used to directly identify a variety of pathogens. As more and more specific antibodies are developed, this area of microbiology should expand tremendously. Students will learn the principles of many of these assays.

Recently, viral diseases with devastating outcomes have emerged, and their diagnosis is becoming increasingly important. In this course, students will learn about the pathogenesis and diagnosis of viral diseases.  Isolation of viruses can be both hazardous and difficult. Therefore, diagnosis of viral pathogens is often made by serological, antigen detection, and/or nucleic acid probe techniques. Expansion of immunological assays into clinical virology has become an important diagnostic development. Enzyme-labeled and fluorescent-labeled antibodies are especially useful in the rapid detection of viral agents and in the confirmation of culture results. Today's technologists need a solid immunology background - and more - to keep pace with this rapidly changing and expanding field.

MEDT 360 is open to non-majors only and is not open to medical technology interest students. Unlike MEDT 380, MEDT 360 does not include a laboratory.


Mahon, CR, Lehman, DC, Manuselis, G. 2011. The textbook of diagnostic microbiology, 4th ed. St. Louis: Elsivier. ISBN: 978-1-4160-6165-6.


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