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In the Spring of 1997, SPAN254: LATIN AMERICAN POLITICS IN THE PRESS, will be offered. SPAN254 is a reading course, using current Latin American newspapers, mostly taken from the WWW, as well as television, movies, Email, etc. The course is designed at the 200 level for majors and minor s in International Relations, Political Science, Business, History, Spanish, and is essential for the Foreign Language and Honors Foreign Language Certificate.

    In this course you will:

    Learn how to read a newspaper articles in Spanish .

    Find out about the varying political stances of the different newspapers.

    Read and discuss printed and electronic newspapers from Latin American countries, the latter from the WWW, so you can learn about the Politics and other aspects of contemporary Latin America.

    Correspond with students in Latin America via Email to further and clarify class discussion.

This course is ideal preparation if you are thinking about participating in a program in Costa Rica, and if you have been there, it will give you a chance to keep in touch with what is going on there.

After participating in the Study Abroad Winter Program in Costa Rica, this course together with SPAN 326: Latin American Civilization and Culture, qualifies you for a Bachelor's degree with a Foreign Language Certificate.

Para cualquier pregunta sobre este curso, por favor, diríjase a:

Hans-Jörg Busch, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Email: