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213 Pearson Hall

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716


Department of Geography, Environmental Science Program

University of Delaware

Daniel J. Leathers, Ph.D.

Delaware Environmental Observing System                                    Recent Vitae  

Snowfall, Snow Cover, Water Resource


Land Surface Changes and Effects on Regional Climates

Environmental Monitoring

My major research interests include understanding the role of snow cover in the global climate system, the influence of land-surface changes (natural and human induced)  on regional climates, environmental monitoring, environmental policy and resource management, and sustainability of global systems, especially in the context of climate variation, climate change and land-surface surface changes.


I am the co-director of the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS).  DEOS is a support tool for decision makers involved in environmental policy and planning, natural resource management, emergency management, transportation and other activities throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.

Courses Taught (last 5 years):


Water and Society                                                       Environmental Field Methods

Environmental Change and Climate                   Microclimatology

Meteorology                                                                 Atmospheric Dynamics

Synoptic Climatology                                               Climate Change

Seminar in Climatology (various themes)