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Program registration scripts are down for the time being. I will try to get them back up next week (August 29). If you need a program immediately, please send me an email at kirby@udel.edu.

The Center for Applied Coastal Research presently supports several software packages. These packages are copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see relevant info under "Legal Information" below) and are available for use without charge.

Two types of wave propagation models are available; a parabolic approximation, forward scattering model known as REF/DIF, and a time-domain Boussinesq model known as FUNWAVE. End users desiring assistance with installation or application of either code should contact Jim Kirby. An extension to FUNWAVE for application to tsunamis is available as a package names GEOWAVE.

The SHORECIRC program, which computes wave-driven nearshore circulation in coastal areas, has been developed by Ib Svendsen's research group. Questions should be addressed to Kevin Haas or Fengyan Shi

A Matlab code for generating generalized curvilinear grids for use in upcoming versions of FUNWAVE and SHORECIRC (and in NearCoM) is available.

NearCoM: The NOPP Nearshore Community Model

Components of NearCoM (for Nearshore Community Model system) are presently under development and testing, and will be made available here as soon as they become relatively stable. The centerpiece of the system is a program, master.f, which is used to couple individual modules, including

Components of the system are accessible (as they become available) from the NearCoM page , or from the link below. The initial configured test system will include REF/DIF 1 as the wave driver, SHORECIRC as the circulation module and a sediment transport calculation based on the Bagnold-Bailard-Bowen formulation. Since many of the programs that have previously been distributed as free standing models are now configured as subroutine calls within the larger modeling system, the free-standing versions will subsequently be distributed with a stripped-down version of master.f which will serve the sole purpose of calling the free-standing model, as well as providing a simple introduction to the structure of common blocks and other characteristics of the interface in the more general model system. An overview of the NOPP science project may be found here .

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Generalized curvilinear grid generation code for Matlab (F. Shi)


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August 23, 2011