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Faculty & Staff

Computational Physiology Laboratory

Cardiovascular Research Lab Group

Current work in this lab is aimed at developing and testing mathematical models that will allow improved estimation of cardiovascular properties from noninvasive measurements such as tonometry and ultrasonic measurement of blood flow.






Lab Personnel

Lab Director:
William Rose, Ph.D.

Lab Personnel:
Justin Field, Eve Edwards, both undergraduate students

Lines of Research

The lab personnel are focused on cardiovascular physiology with an emphasis on quantitative assessment and mathematical modeling. Current work is focused on developing and testing mathematical models which will allow improved estimation of cardiovascular properties from non-invasive measurements such as tonometry and ultrasonic measurement of blood flow.

Current Projects

Vascular Analysis Through Non-invasive Measurement and Quantitative Modeling. Funded by a grant from the University of Delaware Research Foundation to William Rose.

Anatomical Determinants of Forearm and Upper Arm Oscillometric Blood Pressure Differences. Funded by a grant from the University of Delware Research Foundation to Kathleen Schell. William Rose is a co-investigator.

Recent Publications
  1. Rose, W.C., Knight, C.A., Spectral Analysis of Point Processes: Motor Unit Activity and Heart Rate Analysis, in review, 2010.
  2. Fellin, R.E., Rose, W.C., Royer, T.D., Davis, I.S., Comparison of methods for kinematic identification of footstrike and toe-off during overground and treadmill running, in review, 2010.
  3. Johnson, D.A., Spaeth, J.R., Rose, W.C., Edwards, J.W., Naik, U.P., Beris, A.N., An impedance model for blood flow in the human arterial system, in review, 2010.
  4. Rose, W.C., Johnson, D.A., Spaeth, J.R., Edwards, L., Beris, A.N., Computational and Experimental Investigation of Arterial Hemodynamics, Proc. 2008 Int. Mech. Eng. Conf. Exp. Boston: ASME, pp. 1-8, 2008.
  5. Wenner, M.M., Rose, W.C., Delaney, E.P., Stillabower, M.E., Farquhar, W.B., Influence of plasma osmolality on baroreflex control of sympathetic activity, Am. J. Physiol. 293: H2313-H2319, 2007.
  6. Manal, K., Rose, W.C., A general solution for the time delay introduced by a low-pass Butterworth digital filter: An application to musculoskeletal modeling, J. Biomech. 40: 678-681, 2007.
Open Positions

The laboratory currently has an opening for a masters or doctoral level graduate student. The student should have a background in physiology with an interest in cardiovascular physiology. The student should also have an interest in mathematical simulation of physiological processes. Familiarity with computer programming, such as Labview,Matlab or Visual Basic, is a plus.

Introduction to the Computational Physiology Lab


Introduction of the Study

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