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Mutter Museum Honors Group

KAAP309 honors students visiting the Mütter Museum at
the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, Nov 11 2012.
From left: Jeannie Kontos, Charles Brodowski, Tommy
Mandala, Ryan Fuellbier, Rachel Wallitt, Karen Sanzone,
Alex Handzo, Nikki Gomes, Lissy Gold, Prof. Bill Rose,
Tori Rhoades.

ENGL 110 – Critical Reading and Writing - 3 credits - This course is required of all students and is generally taken in the freshman year. A minimum grade of a C- is required.

Multicultural Requirement - 3 credits - Every student must complete three credits in a course or courses stressing multicultural, ethnic, and/or gender-related content. A minimum grade of a D- is required; this course cannot be taken pass/fail.

Discovery Learning Experience - 3 credits - Every student must take a Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) prior to graduation. DLE is experiential learning that involves instructional experience out-of-class and beyond typical curriculum courses. These courses are under the supervision of faculty member. DLE includes designated experiences such as internship, service learning, independent study, undergraduate research and study abroad. KAAP400 satisfies the DLE for Exercise Science Majors and KAAP257, 357, 358, 457, 458 and 459 for Athletic Training.

First Year Experience (FYE) - The First Year Experience refers to a layered approach of offering essential strategies and information for students in transition to the University and to enhance the likelihood of academic/social success and student retention. With this experience is a First Year Seminar course which is discipline specific for incoming majors to introduce students to the expectations of an academic major or career. This may differ from the 3 credit intro course in the major.

University Breadth Requirements – Three credits of each section are required with a minimum grade of C- or better. The groups are Creative Arts & Humanities; History & Cultural Change; Social & Behavioral Science; Math, Natural Science & Technology. For a complete list of acceptable courses, please visit our KAAP website at

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