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Can I change to Pass/Fail?

First question to be asked is “Are you going to pass the course?” If unsure, then the answer would be “no.” Pass/fail is only an option if the student is definitely going to pass the course since a “P” will not figure into their cumulative index. If they fail the class, the “F” figures into their cumulative index. All “P’s” can only be used as free electives and the course will have to be repeated for a letter grade (unless it was an elective to begin with).

What if I change to “Listener?”

Listener is for those that definitely feel they are failing the course. Listener status means they receive NO credit for the course. Many students choose this option because they don’t want a withdrawal (W) on their transcript. If a student drops to listener, he needs to inform the instructor and also attend class. Participation in the class is not required but attendance is. If the student stops going, the instructor will assume they’ve withdrawn and give the student a “W” anyway. This will appear on the transcript as a “LW.” Semester credits need to be checked if the student is an athlete in season. Listener status will make an athlete (and the team) ineligible if they drop below 12 credits. Example: athlete in season has 13 credits and drops to listener for three credits. Total credit would then be 10, and the student and team are ineligible.

Can I take junior or senior level classes without being in a major or concentration?

No. Courses are coded in such a way as to block students from taking upper level courses if not declared in a major or concentration.

Can I take a class at home this summer?

Yes, as long as the student has it “approved” prior to taking the course. They will need to 1) obtain a Transfer or Credit form from Student Services, 2) obtain a description of the course they want to take, 3) go to the department and have it approved (if it’s a communication course: Communications Dept., if it’s a biology course, Biology Dept., etc), and 4) go to their Dean (Assist. Dean Sue Clark – 343 McDowell Hall) for approval signature. Once this process has been completed, take the form to Student Services, pay $20, and the form will be filed until credits are transferred from the other institution. When the transcript with the transfer credit arrives at UofD, the filed form and the TR credits will be matched and the student’s record will be credited. Important: a grade of C- of better must be earned in order for the credit to transfer to UofD.

How do I get a minor?

First look at the Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog and make sure there IS such a minor. Most minors can be applied to over the web but it is always a good idea for the student to contact the advisor of record for complete instructions.

What are some General Studies courses I can take?

When suggesting general studies courses try to give courses that are open to the general student body as well as ones that have plenty of sections or seats.

Suggestions are:

  • Humanities and Communication Skills: Any language, linguistics, COMM 245, COMM 315 (if junior or senior), or any course that “satisfies the A&S second writing requirement.” ARTH 154, any literature course, PHIL 100, 102, 105, 202.
  • Social Sciences: ANTH 101, CRJU 110, HIST 205, 206, POSC 150, PSYC 201, SOCI 201, WOMS 201, 484.
  • Natural and Biological Sciences: BISC 152, CISC 105, GEOG 102, GEOG 109, PHYS 139, SCEN 101, 102.

Can I walk through May graduation with two classes remaining?

Yes, the department rule is anything under 9 credits. This rule was put into effect mainly for students completing summer internships with an expected summer graduation date (example: 03J). It is important for a student to understand that if their graduation date is not “summer” but rather the next fall, their name will NOT appear in the graduation booklet (which does not make parents very happy!).

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